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Sell Your Toyota Car

Toyota is one of the top 5 car makers in India. They are known for their customer experience in the form of comfortable car (loaded with features) and excellent after-sales service. If you own a Toyota car, you know how efficient their customer support services are. Toyota offers a range of cars and caters to each buyers segment; be it in the utility cars, luxury cars, mid size cars or small cars.

Although, after a certain time, all those added features become redundant as new car models and variants come to the market. At this point, upgrading to a new car feels like the right thing to do. Due to good brand value, owners tend to get great resale price for Toyota used cars.

So now the question is, do you have a used Toyota Car you are planning to sell? Are you confused due to all the options available in the market? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with that. Bring your to Gaadi and we will help you get the best resale value for your old car. Our way of working is transparent which helps you get the best price for your car with minimum paperwork. You can leave all your worries behind and allow us to sell your car where we evaluate the condition of your vehicle, do the paperwork, verifications, and everything else. All of this is completed in easy steps.

Schedule an Appointment
It would take you a few simple clicks to schedule an appointment. You can choose from our stores in Delhi, Gurugram, or Indirapuram.

Detailed Car Inspection (for Free)
After a thorough car inspection, we offer an estimated resale value of your car. Our evaluation covers 200 checkpoints, resulting in accurate pricing.

Live Online Bidding of Your Car
Basis your interest in the deal, we take it forward to our bidding process. We will share with you all the highest bids at the end of the process.

Receive Instant Payment
Sign a few papers and we’ll do all the paperwork for you without charging you for it. Better yet, the money is transferred directly into your account.

Do you like how we work? Allow us to make it all the more better, we buy scrap cars too; we handle the entire ownership transfer process including RC transfer. Book an appointment today. Got questions? Give us a call on 1800-12345-2323 and we’ll answer all your questions. We also have multiple stores located in Delhi NCR. Selling your car was never as easy as it is with Gaadi.

Sell Your Used Maruti Car in simple 4 steps

Sell your car in 70 mins! Here's what our car selling process looks like:

Expert suggestions Planning to sell your car? Our industry experts suggest that you keep these 11 things in mind:

How would I know it’s time to sell?

1. Your car's age, mileage, and meter read

When your car's age & meter read goes up, the mileage falls down and so does the resale value.

Expert Suggestion

Notice when your car starts to ask for fuel often or when your car meter says 1,00,000, it's time to part ways.

2. Depreciation

Like any asset, your car depreciates. In fact, your car loses a lot of its value during the first year itself.

Expert Suggestion

Check the current value of your car each year. When the value starts to get too less, it’s time to say goodbye.

3. You drive a not so popular car

Your car's aftersale demand is also a deciding factor in getting your car’s best price. The faster we can find a new owner for your car, the better the resale value.

Expert Suggestion

When you buy a car, don’t just check how much it costs as new but also how much it will sell for.

4. Your car's fuel type

Petrol, diesel, CNG, electricity, all have a different impact on your car’s engine. A diesel car will give up at least 4-5 years before a petrol car (depending upon your usage) because of the way its engine is designed.

Expert Suggestion

Petrol, diesel or electric is a personal choice. When it comes to CNG, go for cars that come with a factory-fitted CNG kit.

5. New cars/ a new car model has been launched

Let’s say you bought a car 2 years ago and now the manufacturer has launched a facelift and you are worried about your car’s resale value.

Expert Suggestion

You are right to worry. In this case, your existing car’s value is bound to take a hit. But you can’t help it. New cars are bound to get launched because brands like to be relevant and latest in order to maintain a stronghold in the market. We suggest you keep an eye out in the market and make your decision of selling/keeping your car accordingly.

Okay, I want to sell my car

6. Get your car cleaned up and minor fixes done

A clean car always makes a good impression and getting minor fixes done is an added bonus for you as well as the buyer.

Expert Suggestion

A clean car makes a good first impression. It would be wise to get your car cleaned up and get some minor fixes done (nothing too expensive) before you visit a place to sell your car. These minor things have been known to make a positive impact on the buyer and better resale value for you.

7. Make sure all your car's papers are in place

All the documents in place means you can complete the car selling process in just one visit. What’s better than that?

Expert Suggestion

If you don’t want to make multiple trips, make sure you keep all your car’s documents like, your car’s invoice, RC, car insurance, government-issued ID proof, and a cancelled cheque with you.

8. Did you get your car financed?

Do you wish to sell your car but feel stuck because there’s still time before the loan is fully repaid? Relax, our industry experts have just the solution for you.

Expert Suggestion

Sell at a trusted place like Gaadi where we help you clear the loan as well as help you get the NOC (No Objection Certificate)

9. Your car's insurance type matters

Safety first. The more your insurance policy covers or protects the better.

Expert Suggestion

If budget allows, go for the most comprehensive plan. It'll keep your as well the future buyers’ mind at ease.

10. The service history

More like your report card as a car owner. It gives the buyer a detailed history of all the work done on your car, starting from regular service to major rework.

Expert Suggestion

Try and maintain a service history file. It has proven to be useful.

11. Selling a car with RC from a different state

Let’s say you have a car with Rajasthan number plate but you want to sell in Delhi. Now you are worried about selling it.

Expert Suggestion

You don’t really have to sweat over it. There are a lot of organisations that offer RTO assistance to obtain NOC. Just find a reliable/ trusted place and sell your car there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got queries about our used car selling process or anything else about Gaadi? Here are the answers to all the commonly asked questions:

In case you got more questions, feel free to call us on our toll-free number 1800-12345-2323

Which areas do you cover currently?

Currently we are operational in Delhi-NCR. We are in the expansion phase right now so you’ll be seeing more stores soon.

Is PAN card mandatory for selling the car?

Yes. A copy of PAN card is mandatory. We need it to release the payment and it is to be presented at the RTO for signature verification.

What all documents I need to carry when visiting the store?

You need to carry all car related documents like RC, Insurance, PUC, PAN card, cancelled cheque, and government-issued address proof.

I have a fleet of cars. Can I get a better deal? What all can Gaadi offer me?

At Gaadi, each car is inspected, evaluated, and sold individually. However, there is a possibility of getting better deals. For this, you can get in touch with our team on our toll-free number 1800-12345-2323.

Can you notify me when you have a good offer?

We share all new deals and offers on our social media channels so none of our followers miss out on anything exciting.

How we inspect cars

Are you worried about your car’s inspection? Relax, your car is in safe hands. With Gaadi, you’ll know as much about car inspection as we do, starting from what happens during the process, what we check and things that help us get you a better price. We begin with