We test the Maestro: the real master!

Published On May 31, 2012 By for Maestro at Gaadi.com

The Indian scooter scenario has been bombarded by manufacturers with the latest from their stable to keep the competition alive. The boring old scooter is becoming an eye candy and the good part of this changing time is, manufacturers are now launching un-geared scooters (which were meant primarily for females) with 'for-males' tags and hence, opening a different group of buyers to their products.?attachment_id=3323 Surrounded by new scooter launches by Indian and International manufacturers, Hero came up with their latest in the market, the Maestro. Maestro or the 'Master' as per Italian language was first shown to the world in London last year and then at the 2012 Auto Expo. It arrived at the Gaadi.com office in fiery red color and the color actually made me take a spin immediately, even in the 45 degree summer sun in the afternoon!?attachment_id=3323   It was a day later though, while shooting the Maestro with Bobby, that I finally started admiring its beefy looks. At the first stance, you'll notice the scooter is not small and with a neat crease on its body, it does look attractive. From front, the scooter looks modern with lines flowing from the headlamps right to the mud-guard. The clear lens indicators with their unique design blend into the front face and complementing this is the small black visor, which adds to the masculine looks of the 'for-male' scooter. A black plastic cladding runs along the length of the scooter which highlights the swoopy body.?attachment_id=3323 The dual-color rear view mirrors, big curvy tail-lamp and well thought grab-rails complete the scooter's overall 'nice-to-look-at' feeling. The orange-backlit digital and analouge instrument panel of the scooter is easy to look at and features almost all the significant information which includes; a big analogue speedo and fuel indicator, trip meter and an odometer packed comfortably in the digital display. Warning lights like indicator and high beam has been packed on the left-most dial. Infact, at night, the complete console looks brilliant.?attachment_id=3323 Maestro has a textured saddle which is very comfortable with the large space in front to move your legs around freely. Infact, not only is the Maestro big to look at, it can also seat two full sized adults easily without either of them feeling the lack of space - something which almost every other un-geared scooter cannot boast of! The low seat height gives the real feel of tarmac and adds to the confidence of the rider. Maestro shares the same motor with Honda Activa which churns 8.2 PS @ 7500 rpm and 9.10 Nm of maximum torque at 5500rpm and the power is transferred to the wheels via CVT transmission. Rip open the throttle and it feels quick till the needle reaches 60 km/h in about 9 seconds and if you give it a chance, the speedo will show 90+ after which the power dies.?attachment_id=3323 The small turning radius proves to be a boon and helps during heavy traffic. Cruising at respectable speeds, it feels stable but then, you'll feel there should've been more bite to the brakes - could we have a front disc as an option please? The combi-brake which Hero termed as 'IBS' or the Integrated Braking System saves you from locking the wheels but in an emergency situation one will need more braking prowess to make the scooter stationary.?attachment_id=3323 Maestro runs on dual gas filled shock absorbers in front and single link set-up on rear which can make life difficult on the pothole-rich roads. With a 5.3 liter fuel tank and claimed mileage of 44 kilometers to a liter, Maestro can do long distance without a refill and that is an added asset to the vehicle.?attachment_id=3323 A price tag of Rs. 45,500 (ex-Delhi) puts the Maestro slightly below the Honda Activa in terms of pricing which retails for Rs 46,099 (ex-Delhi). Both prices have been taken from the respective manufacturer websites. Infact, it is almost two grand cheaper than the big Honda, the Aviator too. The Maestro not only looks fresh, it is also an ideal choice for males for whom the lack of comfort and space on most scooters has been a hindrance so far. It also ticks all the right boxes for an average Joe - looks great, is very smooth and comes with a brand logo that is strong in after sales, re-sale and reliability. So, where does it really loose out? A week with the Maestro, and we are yet to find out! [gallery]

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