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 The 2016 Toyota Innova Crysta isan all-new vehicle, coming in 10 years after the previous model was launched in India. It will capitalise on the success and demand of the older model, adding more equipment, space and fuel-efficient engines and an automatic transmission to broaden its appeal. The MPV wil continue to be based on a ladder-frame chassis, but the pliant ride and comfortable dynamics will remain. Design-wise, the Innova has received a huge makeover, inside-out!

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Toyota Innova Crysta Price List

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    Diesel Variants
    • 2393 cc, Diesel, 13.68 kmpl
      ₹ 14.22 Lakh*
    • 2393 cc, Diesel, 13.68 kmpl
      ₹ 14.26 Lakh*
    • 2393 cc, Diesel, 13.68 kmpl
      ₹ 15.11 Lakh*
    • 2393 cc, Diesel, 13.68 kmpl
      ₹ 15.15 Lakh*
    • 2755 cc, Diesel, 11.36 kmpl
      ₹ 16.41 Lakh*
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    • 2755 cc, Diesel, 11.36 kmpl
      ₹ 16.45 Lakh*
    • 2393 cc, Diesel, 13.68 kmpl
      ₹ 17.95 Lakh*
    • 2393 cc, Diesel, 13.68 kmpl
      ₹ 17.99 Lakh*
    • 2393 cc, Diesel, 13.68 kmpl
      ₹ 19.89 Lakh*
    • 2755 cc, Diesel, 11.36 kmpl
      ₹ 21.19 Lakh*
    Petrol Variants
    • 2694 cc, Petrol, 11.25 kmpl
      ₹ 13.99 Lakh*
    • 2694 cc, Petrol, 11.25 kmpl
      ₹ 14.03 Lakh*
    • 2694 cc, Petrol, 10.75 kmpl
      ₹ 15.10 Lakh*
    • 2694 cc, Petrol, 10.75 kmpl
      ₹ 15.14 Lakh*
    • 2694 cc, Petrol, 11.25 kmpl
      ₹ 16.83 Lakh*
    • 2694 cc, Petrol, 10.75 kmpl
      ₹ 19.88 Lakh*




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Innova Crysta Color Options

  • Garnet Red

  • Avant Garde Bronze

  • White Pearl Crystal Shine

  • Grey

Expert Test Review

Toyota Innova Crysta Pictures
  • Comfort
  • Looks
  • Engine
  • Interiors
  • Safety
  • Mileage

The Toyota Innova Crysta had been a long time coming, but it was definitely worth the wait. It looks much better than before and comes with top of the line features, as many as seven airbags and two brand new engines along with a long awaited automatic option as well. With the Crysta, Toyota plans to bring customers from the rear seat to the front, thereby trying to change the Innova’s image. But, inevitably, with all these improvements and upgrades, the Innova Crysta is expected to be heavier on your pocket.

Toyota has tried its best to keep costs down (what with the conventional chassis and extensive parts sharing with the Fortuner and Hilux), but considering the top vairnts crossing the Rs 20 lakh mark, there will not be much taker for this trim. The best sellers would be the lower trims with some optional accessories. Top-notch build quality and an automatic transmission may just tip the scales in its favour for the top-spec version. 

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Toyota Innova Crysta Picture

From the moment you step inside the Innova Crysta, it makes you feel like you are sitting in an uber modern lounge and not just a car. Toyota has worked extensively to make the details stand out and to make it a very harmonious design. Get into the comfortable driver’s seat, the first thing that strikes you is the futuristic dash. What you notice first-up is the single aluminum strip running right across the dash from either of the corner aircon vents. This is something that Toyota found very difficult to achieve, considering how wide the dash is. The only real negative on the interior front though is the fact that the plastic quality on the lower half of the dashboard is a little poor and could have been much better.

The next thing to catch your attention is the 4.2-inch TFT screen that sits bang in the middle of the dash. Now this screen does not fit flush into the dashboard, but still looks quite funky. It’s like a tablet fixed in the middle of the dashboard that gives out the navigation, audio, telephone, and other details. Right below the screen are the aircon controls, which are devoid of any unnecessary buttons. Just two dials and some chrome buttons in the centre with a legible display to make it as user-friendly as possible.  

The leather-wrapped steering feels good to hold and comes with all the connectivity buttons you need; so you don’t need to lift your hands off the wheel at all. The instrument binnacle is brilliant as well. While the tachometer and the speedometer are pretty easy to read, it is the screen in the centre that grabs attention. It reads out the fuel consumption, cruising range, average speed, and even has a compass.

In fact if you’re bored driving on a highway, you can even set fuel-efficiency targets, with the screen telling you how well you have fared. Pretty neat and especially usefull for all the  milage obsessed. The Innova also gets plenty of storage, including two gloveboxes for knick-knacks. These can hold as many as twenty-one one-litre bottles and was designed keeping the Indian customer and the hot Indian climate in mind.

Moving to the back, the rear seats feel very comfortable. Now these are all-new seats that Toyota have designed considering the long distance driving most Innova are used for in the private and commercial market. They can now accommodate larger frames more easily and provide better support as well. Rear passengers also get a tray attached to the back of the front seats to place laptops or for refreshments.

A very practical touch is the cup holder on the side of the rear seat and sits open at the touch of a button and can hold two cups. Other than that, the rear passenger can also slide the co-driver’s seat forward using the lever located on the co-driver’s seat itself. The rear passengers also get cozy lounge lighting on the roof, along with a screen for the rear aircon controls. It’s a pleasant place to be in and the chauffer driven are in for a really good time. Toyota has really stepped up the game here and this is going to be a hard precedent to follow. A point we must add before we move on to the mechanical bits on the new Innova is the fact that the wind noise in the cabin was actually quite high. There was a constant hum and woosh that we could hear on both the cars and that did become a little annoying after a while.

What we like

Well-equipped, premium interior with comfortable seating for all rows!

What we don't like

Plastic quality in some areas could be better; Wind noise is pronounced

Interiors Details

Boot Space

The Toyota Innova Crysta has a decent sized boot with all rows up. However, fold the third row and what you get is acres of luggage space. Enough to relocate appliances of a house.


The speedometer on the Toyota Innova Crysta is easy to read an uncluttered. It has all the details needed by the driver.

Gear Lever

Gear lever on the Toyota Innova has a slightly longer throw and the clutch travel is also pronounced. However, shifting is smooth and does not have any niggles. The automatic transmission is also a very well-refined one.

Cup Holders

There are more than 20 bottle holders (you read that right) in the Toyota Innova Crysta at some very clever locations. Case in point are the cupholders mounted to the captain seats in the seven seater trim of the MPV. These can be folded away when not needed.


All variants of the Toyota Innova Crysta have two gloveboxes, both of which are located in front of the co-driver. While the upper glovebox is cooled, the lower one can be locked when needed.

Audio System

The audio system on the Toyota Innova Crysta has seamless connectivity and good sound quality. This unit, however, is available only on the top-end ZX trims only.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning unit on the Toyota Innova Crysta cools the entire cabin very quickly. What does stand out is the ambient lighting housed above the roof mounted second row AC vents.

Arm Rests

Arm rests on the Toyota Innova Crysta are very comfortable and are big enough to keep your arm comfortable during long hauls



Toyota Innova Crysta Picture
Toyota Innova Crysta Pictures

The Innova was rather long in the tooth when it came to designing. Despite the multiple updates, the basic design remained the same for over a decade. For the 2016 Innova Crysta , however, Toyota has really gone all out as far as the design is concerned. The vehicle had to appeal to people who would want to choose the Innova over a luxury sedan and one look at the new Crysta will tell you that Toyota has pretty much got it right.

The front is stretched out and wider than before and gets a twin slatted grille and huge wrap-around multi-element headlights. The lower grille is finished in glossy black and lends quite a purposeful look to the front. The fog lights that come integrated with the turn indicators are a neat touch.

On the side, the Innova’s van- like proportions do come into play, but Toyota has done well to design the C-pillar glass window differently to add a little bit of flair to the otherwise mundane side profile. What also adds to the looks are the new seventeen-inch alloys that fill the wheel arches very well. At the rear, the integrated spoiler and the flush fitting tail lights make sure the Crysta looks presentable when being followed.  Overall, the shape of the car is more attractive, and though the side is somewhat bland, the car on the whole looks very desirable.

What we like

Great modern design; Looks premium and appealing

What we don't like

Nothing Really!


After ten years of being powered by the 2.5 litre D-4D engine, the Innova Crysta finally gets not one but two new engines. First is the 2.4- litre 2GD-FTV engine that now puts out a very impressive 150 PS and an even more impressive 343 Nm of torque and comes mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Driving this car first, the Innova Crysta has plenty of oomph. Thanks to all that torque available from as low as 1400 rpm, the Innova does not have any issues munching miles on the highway or clambering inclines.

There is a bit of a lag if you really let the revs fall but as long as you keep it above 1500 rpm, the engine never feels out of breath. Both engines, second one being a 2.8-litre diesel, also get Power and Eco modes that play with the ECU map settings, depending on how you want to drive the car. However, NVH levels are pretty high on the engine and it makes you immediately want to shift into a higher gear so that you don’t have to hear the clatter. And thanks to the heavy-duty mechanicals and the nearly 1.9-tonne weight, the Innova Crysta is still an effortless drive.

That said, the hydraulic steering feels heavy in tight conditions and gear throws require effort as well. It’s definitely better than in the previous Innova where the gear lever would be pronounced vibrations.

The larger 2.8-litre unit that is lifted straight from the Fortuner. With 174 PS and 360 Nm available, the new Innova is sure to set the roads on fire. But there’s a catch: the engine does not get the five-speed manual but is coupled with a six-speed automatic gearbox instead. No twin clutch complications here, just a plain ol’ torque converter. Not only does this increase the convenience factor, especially when driven in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it also enhances the Innova’s appeal across a wider audience.

It’s a good thing that Toyota mated this gearbox to a bigger engine, considering the auto-box does sap power. Floor the pedal in D and the Innova whooshes like turbulent winds through a tunnel before getting up to speed. The engine can get pretty loud, especially when the gearbox drops a gear or two. Once the speeds get steady, though, it goes pretty quiet with no drama whatsoever. You also get a sequential shift option where you can shift gears manually, but it’s not the best way to enjoy the drive. Leave it in D and let it do its thing. Both the engines feel powerful and at the same time will be more frugal than the previous Innova, and this has put the Innova Crysta in a different league altogether.

What we like

Great frugal and new engines; Perform really well

What we don't like

Diesel clatter is pronounced inside the cabin


Diesel Mileage 13.68 kmpl
Petrol Mileage 11.25 kmpl

The 2016 Innova Crysta, like its predecessor, has a decent claimed mileage of 15kmpl (overall) which, for its size, is appreciable. Needless to say, the Innova Crysta being from Toyota's stable is reliable and low on the pocket. What is a slight let-down is the price which may not attract fleet operators. However, a made-to-order base trim is also available exclusively for them. This then is Toyota's answer to rather larger luxury sedan manufacturers. 

And since roads in India are less tarmac and more potholes, it is best to have a car that has high ground clearance.

What we like

Exceptional mileage and low running cost

What we don't like

Nothing Really!

Diesel Variants
2.4 G MT 13.68 kmpl
2.4 G MT 8S 13.68 kmpl
2.4 GX MT 13.68 kmpl
2.4 GX MT 8S 13.68 kmpl
2.8 GX AT 11.36 kmpl
2.8 GX AT 8S 11.36 kmpl
2.4 VX MT 13.68 kmpl
2.4 VX MT 8S 13.68 kmpl
2.4 ZX MT 13.68 kmpl
2.8 ZX AT 11.36 kmpl
Petrol Variants
2.7 GX MT 11.25 kmpl
2.7 GX MT 8S 11.25 kmpl
2.7 GX AT 10.75 kmpl
2.7 GX AT 8S 10.75 kmpl
2.7 VX MT 11.25 kmpl
2.7 ZX AT 10.75 kmpl
Diesel Mileage

The claimed fuel efficiency for the 2.4-litre manual transmission Innova Crysta is 15kmpl while the 2.8-litre that is mated to six-speed automatic transmission has 14kmpl. 


Similar to the older Innova, the 2016 Innova Crysta employs a ladder on frame chassis, so don’t expect monocoque like dynamics. But use of rigid - high tensile steel has kept a check on the weight. This setup along with larger rear shoc absorbers make the Crysta iron through even crater like roads. The ride quality for a MPV of this size is seriously impressive and the biggest strength going by the road conditions we encounter everyday. The suspension almost never bottoms out, and goes over rumblers and spead breaker as it they never existed.

It’s a big car and the steering feels heavy specially while taking a U-turn. This is probably to keep the steering communicative and fairly direct, but at higher speed it becomes both lighter and inconsistent. Moreover, it still has evident body-roll though the engineers have tried to control the sip like pitching movement to certain extent. Obviously, smaller MPVs available in India feel more nimble and agile, but the Innova Crysta is clearly more composed and sure footed. 

On the safety aspects, all variants of the Innova Crysta are equipped with ABS and Front Airbags. The higher variants however get seven airbags as traction control as well. Braking on the Innova Crysta is also very precise and does not feel as spongy as the earlier version lof the Innova

What we like

Great car-like handling; ABS is standard across the range; Stops Confidently

What we don't like

Leading-Trailing Drum Brake could have been replaced with Discs for more confidence.


Toyota has decided not to mess around too much with the 2016 Innova Crysta and stuck with the ladder frame instead of shifting to monocoque chassis. According to the car maker, a rugged ladder frame is more suitable for Indian conditions and hence the they have kept the earlier chassis. Now the Innova is supposed to carry six to seven  people across country or within the confines of the city, and that is a task that it carries out with aplomb. Ride quality is better than before and the Crysta soaks in bumps and potholes with ease. The larger 17-inch tyres, along with the re-calibrated suspension, work brilliantly.

The Innova was known for its car like dynamics and, thanks to that double wishbone set-up, the Crysta is still good to drive in most conditions. The 55-profile tyres are the only fly in the ointment, though. A lower profile warrants stiffer sidewalls, which do compromise the ride quality a little when but then the upside is better dynamics.

What we like

Great comfort with a dash of premium-ness

What we don't like

Side wall of the tyres could have been bigger to further enhance comfort

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Available EMI options
(For 60 months with interest rate of 10.5% and down payment of ₹ 1.40 Lakh)
₹ 27,058 per month


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Awww.. 2016 Feb is too far to wait for NEW Innova!!

By Kumaran Posted on 10 Feb 15, 09:17 AM

Pros Comfort,

Cons Average Fuel Efficiency,

Hope Toyota will not take Indian customers for a ride with mere limited editions & body graphics on the existing 10 year old Innova.. it's high time to introduce new model in 2015 itself otherwise it will loose most of the targeted customers to competitors!!

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Dil mange more

By Jitendra Gutgutia Posted on 04 Sep 15, 07:23 PM

Pros Good Performance,Comfort,

Cons Average Looks,Average Interiors,Average Fuel Efficiency,

An entry level hatchbacks have more features then toyota Innova......more classy interiors, more features, navigation, great console are expected from Toyota stable......Innova has unmatched comfort, very easy to drive but looks does matter..... Features of at least i20 can be provided...n price is bit on higher should be around 14 lacs for top model. Also please sort your airbags issue as it does not inflate even if u hit near u want us to hit head on then please do train us.

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