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By Vishal for Toyota Corolla Altis

So the new Corolla Altis is a revamp, as claimed by the company but is it really so read below.

I have owned the car for 2 months now, and put about 2800 Kms on it. It is the model 'G' and in Automatic transmission .

When I was in the market I was quite set at Skoda Octavia elegance AT. With its symmetrical lines and corners , its English look, the resemblance to a 2007 Audi A4 I was quite convinced it was the best choice in the segment . Well I was wrong. . My visit to Skoda showroom went unnoticed and I heard the horror service stories. So driving around after Chevy and Hyundai I landed at Toyota.

1) EXCELLENT SERVICE . The moment I stepped in I was attended. The day I bought my car and even on the day I put my car for first service. Free snacks , drinks and computers to do work with a TV telling me my car's service status.

2) LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. While I walked in with a mindset to see some taxis in the showroom, I walked out with a mindset to buy one. My first impressions of the car were on its interiors. Soft touch material all around, edgy door paneling and dash board, Comfortable seats, technologically loaded and NOT at all like a taxi.

3) HOW DOES IT DRIVE When I first got the car, the BIGGEST concern was the rubberbanding effect on the Transmission. Speed up the car to 50 KMPH, take foot of the gas, put the foot back down and you feel the transmission bounce. But Now that the car has been driven and I no longer feel the effect. The Transmission otherwise is smooth, quick and well built.

Now I did see some complain about faulty AC in the vehicle but I have had No issues what so ever. I do follow guidlines in the manual and turn off the AC before I turn off my car but I guess some dont read the manual P

Overall My first car in India, and after driving in the US for a few years. I find the New Corolla Altis to be a serious driving pleasure.

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