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Step into the Xeta. You?ll realise why the Indica Xeta is not just a common car. The new Indica Xeta. Its eXtra Efficiency Torque Advantage petrol engine delivers 12.4 kgm torque, for a smoother and more responsive drive. With instant pick up and fewer gear changes in stop-start city traffic.

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Indica eV2 Xeta Color Options

  • Mint White

  • Arctic Silver

  • Carbon Black

  • Cavern Grey

  • Odyssey Blue

  • Pastel Green

  • Salsa Red

  • Satin Glow

  • Amazon Blue

  • Arizona Ochre

  • Palm Green

  • Intense Black

  • Scarlet Red

Best for 1st family car

By Amit Posted on 26 Nov 08, 09:41 PM

Pros Spacious, ample leg room,powerfull AC,decent interiors

Cons Pick up

Hi, I hve bought a Tata indica XETA GLS in Aug. 2008. After surveying almost every mid segment car in Indian market I zeroed on XETA. Reason: Which dam car comes for 3.5 lacs with 1200 cc, AC, power steering and proven performance and wide service network??? Almost 3 months have passed since I am driving this car(this is my first car) and I very satisfied driving this car. The car is an excellant value for money and is good for those who are buying a car for the first time. The best part about this car is the space inside,it's simple uncomparable. The AC is powerfull enough to cool the cabin within minutes when your car is parked in hot sun. The only concern which I felt is it's pick up laggs behind other cars in this segment such as Santro, Spark etc. The fuel economy is fail fetching 12.5 km/ltrs in city like Pune and 17 km/ltr on highways. gar shifting is an area which Tata's should look into. It's not that butter smooth but satisfatory as compared to previous versions( yeah I learnt to drive in Indica). The quality of interior is some what OK, nothing catchy and fasinating but enough to serve your needs. I would suggest that those wishing to buy a family car for the first time...go for it

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Value for money

By RATAN SINGH Posted on 25 Jun 08, 05:15 PM

Pros Good Car Value for Money

Cons Need to be add flag rod on left side.

The good car within budget. Good pickup, specious one.

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By Devaprasad Posted on 16 Jan 10, 10:17 PM


Cons not a good car,


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Virtually Dream Car

By Ravi Posted on 17 Jun 10, 09:56 AM

Pros stability at high speed, confortable sitting

Cons poor fuel milage

i purchased Indica XEta in April 2007 and since then have done almost 41000 kms with out any major problems. The car is the best buy at the price tag attached. Makes you feel like sitting in your drawing room when riving the car. The car stability at speped of 100 kms plus is the biggest advantage car enjoys and last but not the least the safety. The best safety features for the price.

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Ghatiya company

By Satish Vemal Posted on 11 May 09, 09:54 PM

Pros third class car in the world

Cons nice interior,comfort seating

most third class car and no service & company responce......waste company means looto campay.....

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TATA Xeta - the misery starts the day you buy it

By Umesh Kumar Posted on 18 Aug 10, 06:28 PM

Pros Spacious

Cons Everything about Xeta

I thought of buying a small car in 2007. I shortlisted wagonar and santro. However at that time it was out of my budget. I thought to check out the TATA's Xeta V2, which turned out to be the biggest mistake. At first, I found the car attractive and spacious. I made up the decision to buy this car; I bought it for Rs 3.30 lacs on road. I bought the car in Feb 2007 and the first problem that came was overheating, which came in Nov 2007 only. Than my misery continued till I sold off the car in Aug 2010 for just 80K. If I tell you my experience with that car, I almost spend close to or may be more than 1 lac on its repairing and maintainence in 3.5 years. After the repair from the company as well as the local mechanics, the car used to give trouble. I opted for local mechanics coz whenever I use to give the car in the TATA repair centre, they always exceeded the rough bill and the final bill used to be double or triple of what was initially quoted to me. I won’t even recommend this car to my enemy. In few instances the TATA’s own engineer told me y you bought this car. Never heard even a single good comment for the XETA in the period that I owned it. Finally when I was tired of all those repair works and everything, I planned to sell that car. But that was not the end to my misery, what I got to know that no auto dealer wanted to buy XETA for more than 90K and even or few of them offered a mere 60k. When I contacted them they said we can only sell that if we have a buyer waiting for it. At last, I exchanged that car for a mere 80K for a new car. Please if you read this never ever try to even think of buying TATA Xeta. Regards Gaurav

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XETA Review

By Lilly Posted on 17 Jun 08, 12:20 AM

Pros Looks Well, Spacious, Good Milage, smooth Running, AC Performance well, comfortable

Cons Fan sound, cheap interior, no door pad, less pickup

very good for indian road but pickup is not up to date. AC works fine. Door pad and handle should be chang, interior should be good quality material.

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By AJIT SHRIKHANDE Posted on 05 Dec 08, 09:14 PM

Pros good milage

Cons small sound till 10000kms from fan belt followed by "kit kit kit kit "

thee awesome car i had ever drove in this category simply superb

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I want serach for tata indica car because looks like nise and comfortable.

By Abhay Kapoor Posted on 01 Dec 09, 03:07 PM

Pros i need a very good condition car for tata indica and less mileage and good pries

Cons good colour(pre white) others sky blue, red

I want serach for tata indica car because looks like nise and comfortable.

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Please check twice before buying a xeta ..

By Tariq Anwar Posted on 08 Dec 10, 04:30 PM

Pros pros?

Cons bad mileage, bad service

xeta is an experimental model........all users are suffering. for me i am from kerala. i bought this model because only to encourage patriotism.

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