The Home Made Product

By Dinesh Singh for Tata Hexa 2017-2020

Being a proud owner of the older TATA Safari, I have never hated TATA and its products. Not being a ‘swadeshi’, but it is what it is. I love my car and when my friend bought a TATA Hexa, I liked him even more. So I exchange cars with him for a few days. I cannot say for sure if I love this one as much as the Safari though. It is not a very good looking car to begin with. Looks like a version of the older Toyota Innova to me, it just finishes quickly at the back. It isn’t a city car for the traffic brings down its mileage to a mere 4kmpl at times. Sad!

However, it cruises on the highway like a boss. The all black interiors with a hint of silver over the dashboard look nice. The car in itself is spacious and simple. There is enough space to fit more than a few people and still not feel cramped. The JBL sound system is of course great. The engine is powerful and picks up and stops in traffic- well behaved but then again the mileage when in the city traffic lets you down.

I had the car for four days and I tried and tested it well. From cramped roads to the empty highways, the car is just efficient and good. The home made product overall isn’t a let down after all.

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