By V.V.JOGLEKAR for Skoda Rapid 2011-2013

Dear Sir,
I bought Skoda Rapid on 24th May 2014 from VIIRAAJ SKODA PUNE. After going through available brands in market finally I decided to buy Skoda Rapid as value for money. Here I did biggest mistake in my life.
From day one my car has problem of 20 degree left pulling. If I go beyond speed of 60 km per hour within 4 seconds my car goes extreme left. I was literally shocked. Next day I tried on Mumbai Pune expressway with my four friends who has minimum driving experience of 20 years. Every one felt same problem in car.
I went to Viiraaj Skoda showroom at Pune. Those sales people said to go to Skoda Workshop. I went to their workshop and service people checked wheel allignment and said the report is perfectly okey. No problem at all.
But till today I am not convinced at all. Though I made many visits and to meet service people at Skoda workshop but they say only one thing your car is perfect. I was angry with them I tried mobile of Mr.Mali who is the director of the company.But he never answered my phone. I sent message on Whatssapp to him but no reply.
I send several mails to Skoda company but nobody bothered to give reply. I was after Mr.Mudassar service incharge in Skoda workshop to solve this problem but he says same that your car is perfect.
If I complain to Skoda company I will receive same sweet reply that YOUR PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED UP TO YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION AS PER SKODA NORMS and after that nobody attends to your complaint.
I will say to all do not ever think to buy Skoda car you will fall in trouble. If you buy Skoda and if your car has such problem you will be in trouble and your money is total waste.
After so many complaints Mr.Rajesh who is service head took trial of my car and said car is perfect and it not pulling left at all. I told him to give in writing either my car is perfect or not but he refused to reply via email.

The answer I got from MR. Rajesh service head is SIR IT IS BECAUSE OF SLOPE ON ROAD YOUR CAR TURNS LEFT I think this is a funniest reply in Auto world. I told Mr. Rajesh that okay we will go on plane road and then try he says there is no such plain road in India.
In my life this is seventh car but till the date I have not come across such defect in brand new car. I will request to every one do not buy Skoda at all. Believe me suppose if you are driving at 8090 km per hour speed and for fraction of second if you loose control on steering what will happen
From 25th May I was after Viiraaj Skoda to give me in writing that whether my car has problem or not and at last today afternoon I got reply from Mr. Mudassar that car is perfect just drive upto 5000 Km and then we will review the condition.
Now only option left with me is to go to CONSUMER COURT.
Skoda will say we are SIMPLY CLEVER people.


3RD JUNE 2014.

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