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  • G
    Gulshan Jun 22, 2017 for Mitsubishi Mirage
    this is a very nice car nice look nice color range i like this car good looking car dashing stylish car

    i watching video this car very nice car good looking dashing car best stylish car nice color range i like red color car for mirage Read More 216

  • N
    Natheershan Jun 22, 2017 for Mitsubishi Montero
    Bullshit jeep.

    This is a shitty vehicle.. Utter bullshit compared to the rivals. Read More 432

  • M
    Monty Jun 22, 2017 for Mitsubishi Montero
    great vehicle

    Great SUV. It has excellent features and I have been in love with it from the day one thati came home. Last few years with this suv has been great. It has been ultra reliable and i went on many trips. Now i am upgrading to land rover and i am happy i bought mitsubishi vehicle. I hope they launch Read More 577

  • A
    Arjun Jun 22, 2017 for Mitsubishi Lancer
    best driving car in its time

    One of the best driving cars in the country. It was always known for its performance with its classic sporty looks which is rare in cars these days. It has excellent engine power with great performance but big engine means less mileage but i am okay with that. It has excellent power and the interiors are of decent quality. Read More 549

  • T
    T Jun 22, 2017 for Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
    Good off-roader

    Pajero Sport is very good off-roader. I bought it for the sheer reputation of the car and because in my village in Kochi the road condition isn't very great. It does a very good job managing broken roads and the ride quality and confidence of the car over such road conditions. However, on the highway the car isn't that good. Read More 550