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By Deepak Posted on 08 Mar 16 at 03:57 pm

Pros Great Looks,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons CongestedUncomfortable,Lack of headroom is a big issue

I have now completed over 12,500km in my ZDI+ RS Ciaz. It was purchased after a lot of decision making processes that involved family and friends but after 5 months, i m very happy with the car. The RS version makes it a different car all together and it looks the best in the segment. However with the body kit, i have to be careful while going over bumps. Cabin is the best part - it is as spacious as a 15 lac rupee Altis. There is simply too much on offer for a typical Indian family. Plus my car has been giving me an easy 19kmpl in city usage. I went to Agra once with family and being a nice highway, the Ciaz returned us 24.2kmpl for the entire trip including Agra traffic. Definitely the best buy in the segment but Maruti should do something about clearance and head space

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By Umesh Kumar Posted on 21 May 15 at 12:53 pm

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,Leg space, boot space

Cons ,Service from Magic Auto Mayapuri is dent on Maruti Suzuki India Limited

I have purchased the Car in October 2014....happy with the car but disappointed with service from Magic Auto, Mayapur, New Delhi Service experience from Magic Auto, Mayapuri, New Delhi is extremely bad. Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) as measurement of customer satisfaction. Magic Auto tries to lure customer with freebies to buy the good feedback (NPS). In short, they buy the feedback. My experience with Mayapuri service centre (Magic Auto) 1. Customer finds big posters with phone number of Service Head to reach out in case of any complaint. But Service Head keeps his office cell phone in switched off mode. He is not even respond to emails if you send at the email ID given on the poster. Raising the concerns to MD also doesn't work. 2. Post service cleaning and polishing is done by people wearing leather jackets, the zip can cause scratches 3.Incomplete job done...I have asked to clean all doors from inside. None of the doors were cleaned at the time of delivery. They assured to get this task completed while I do billing. But then cleaned only two of them. 4. No transparency. No mechanism to ensure if Tyre rotation was done or not. Adviser assured me to put some identification marks but then did't do it. 5. Magic Auto service representative will insist to come to you home to help you fill the online feedback form from Maruti Suzuki and they will offer a free gift. Actually they will come to get 10 ratings out 10. MSIL takes this feedback seriously for the dealers but dealers has found this way to get the good feedback

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By ashok Posted on 22 Apr 15 at 01:53 pm

Pros Great Looks,Comfort,fuel efficiency is very poor .

Cons Average Fuel Efficiency,

Great look ,comfort but fuel efficiency is poor .ac not cooling too .The sound of engine is very loud .

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By prakash Posted on 02 Apr 15 at 12:07 am

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons Average Interiors,

a perfect car.) rocks in style, class , standard , offcourse maruti a class of todays

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By B K Posted on 01 Mar 15 at 09:12 am

Pros Great Looks,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,Good fuel economy, Comfort front and back, Spacious and Good lights for night driving.Excellent Car

Cons ,Marginally under powered compared to Honda CIty Huindai Verna, but compensated by Fuel Economy

Got Ciaz VXI+(Petrol) after Waiting for three months. The wait was worth it. Wanted a High End Version with AT. But had to settle for Manual transmission since Maruti does not make High End AT Ciaz. I suppose keeping the cost in view Fuel Efficiency. Drove the Ciaz for about 1800 Kms . 600 Kms in City stop and go traffic and 1200Kms on National Highways. Got an average mileage of 18.5 Kms. Drove Bangalore - Hyderabad (600 Kms) with a tank full. Was left with quarter tank Plus Approximately 13-15 ltrs still in the tank. That makes it about 20 KmsLtr as promised. Interiors. This is the best part of the car, nice clean and sleek design. Everything just in place with road clearance enable smooth going over road humps. Features and interiors manifest a luxurious feel and the seating very comfortable. Smart Key. Infotainment system give a feel of higher segment Car. However Navigation system and Smart Phone system need updating to synch with all brands of Smart phones and Google Map. Performance in the City traffic is excellent without having to make frequent gear shift. Reaching speed upto 100 kmshour was smooth and engine very responsive. However on highways and open roads felt a bit under powered while trying to drive over 120 Kmhour. Who needs that kind of speed on Indian roads Fuel Efficiency makes up for marginal deficiency of power. Maruti has spent lot of time and effort in getting it right as a high end family Sedan. If you are looking for a car to enter the Formula One Competition Don't enter with a Ciaz. It is a high end Value for Money Family Car

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By Lakshminarayan V Posted on 10 Feb 15 at 11:51 am

Pros Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons Average Performance,

Braking system in Vdi variant is not commensurate with the size of car, power of engine etc, ABS Brakes are a must. Velosity of car is not coming down when sudden brakes applied car started skidding endanger to Passengers and civilians.

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By neena Posted on 12 Jan 15 at 08:20 pm

Pros ,Dont know yet

Cons ,Yet to get the delivery

I have booked the top end of petrol in oct and its already 3 months. now I get to know that the top end is not launched yet. the dealer could not give clarity about what difference does these model's have compared to ZXI. I am confused now, should I wait for this car or let go my booking amount.

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By Abhay Posted on 14 Dec 14 at 07:31 pm

Pros Comfort,g

Cons Average Looks,hj

Hi, I am using Ciaz VDi+ - Company claims 26 kmpl. it is giing me 11.3 kmpl in city and 18kmpl on highway. I have made this complaint to maruti HO. They did a test run on it too and came with the same result. I have asked them to rectify the fault now it has been 15days there is no reply from them. Car Reg. No. MH02DS4070.

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By Prabhu Posted on 31 Oct 14 at 01:57 pm

Pros Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons ,Engine Power, still that can be neglected if the Mileage is good enough

I had seen the Auto Version in Chennai, but not able to test drive because the Vehicle is booked by one of the buyer.

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By Dr Amrish Posted on 09 Oct 14 at 11:23 am

Pros Comfort,

Cons Average Looks,

Spoke to the Maruti Dealer yesterday, the AT version of the CIAZ is not going to be out before 2015. Anyone has any other updates on this

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