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Mahindra Scorpio Price List

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    Diesel Variants
    • 2609 cc, Diesel, 13.5 kmpl
      ₹ 9.17 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 9.66 Lakh*
    • 2523 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 9.71 Lakh*
    • 1997 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 10.03 Lakh*
    • 2609 cc, Diesel, 10.22 kmpl
      ₹ 10.16 Lakh*
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    • 1997 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 10.47 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 10.63 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 11.04 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 11.22 Lakh*
    • 1997 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 11.50 Lakh*
    • 1997 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 11.75 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 12.02 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 12.46 Lakh*
    • 1997 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 12.53 Lakh*
    • 1997 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 13.21 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 13.39 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 13.69 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 13.80 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 14.30 Lakh*
    • 1997 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 14.39 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 14.91 Lakh*
    • 2179 cc, Diesel, 15.4 kmpl
      ₹ 15.51 Lakh*




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Scorpio Color Options

  • Mist Silver

  • Regal Blue

  • Molten Red

  • Fiery Black

  • Diamond White

Expert Test Review

Mahindra Scorpio Pictures
  • Comfort
  • Looks
  • Engine
  • Interiors
  • Safety
  • Mileage

 The Mahindra Scorpio is a proven vehicle across some of the toughest terrain and is known for it’s rugged and reliable nature. The Scorpio with it’s boxy dimensions has a very aggressive appearance that is well suited to SUVs. The frame less front grille with the silver claw mark design pay tribute to the company’s badge. The blackened double barrel head lamps have a day-time running LED strip running on top and static bending lamps. The front bumper is a large unit housings black fog lamp surrounds, a central air dam and a plastic lower section. The bonnet has a strong power dome in the centre housing a bonnet scoop.

The side profile has body coloured side cladding running along the lower section, sporty alloy wheels, black indicator surrounds, B and C-pillars, roof rails and D-pillar cladding. Around the back, the tail gate gets a black centre section, the rear window gets black surrounds, clear lens tail lamps and a slim bumper with foot rest.

The interiors of the Scorpio feel modern with a clear and uncluttered layout. The quality of plastics and fit and finish is good. The instrument binnacle is well laid out and easy to read. Quality of switch gear is good and the Scorpio in the top-end variants comes loaded to the hilt with equipment. Although, there are small ergonomic issues in the cabin. The seats are properly designed and comfortable.

The Scorpio is powered by the company’s proven range of 2.2 litre and 2.5 litre turbo diesel engines. They add to the SUV’s peppy and fun to drive nature. The Scorpio has nimble handling traits at low speeds that makes it a breeze to park and maneuver the vehicle in tight spots. The Scorpio has a planted ride at most speeds. The availability of four-wheel drive variants also makes the Scorpio an attractive proposition.

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Mahindra Scorpio Picture

 The Scorpio has well appointed interiors. The dashboard has a clean and uncluttered layout. Quality of plastics and swtichgear is good. The Scorpio comes loaded with equipment. Seats are designed to be comfortable.

What we like

Airy cabin, clean layout

What we don't like

Lack of cup and bottle holders in the front. Can't adjust driver's seat when door is closed and access front door pckets.

Interiors Details

Boot Space

There is not enough boot space inside the Scorpio but the seats can be folded to create huge space at the back of the Scorpio that can keep you.


The speedometer of the Scorpio is very futuristic and is clearly visible to the driver.

Gear Lever

The leather wrapped Gear knob gives a very classy look to the Scorpio interiors.

Cup Holders

There are cup holders at both front and back of the Scorpio.


The glovebox is well fitted in the Front dashboard and is spacious too.

Audio System

The Stylish 2 DIN audio player with 4 speakers takes care of the music department and gives you a very joyful and pleasant journey.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner works extremely well in cooling the SUV.

Arm Rests

There are arm rest both at the front and rear of the SUV.

Air Vents

The air vents of the Scorpio are place in the dashboard as well as the back of rear of the SUV.


The seats of the Scorpio are very comfortable and are wrapped in leather and are very spacious too.

Leg Room

Mahindra Scorpio is a very roomy and spacious car with Maximum Front legroom- 1090 cm, Minimum Front legroom - 999 cm.

Knee Room

Scorpio has Maximum Rear Knee room of 870 cm, Minimum Rear Knee room of 720 cm.

Shoulder Space

Scorpio has enough shoulder space for its passengers.

Head Room

Scorpio has Front headroom of 965 cm, Rear headroom of 1015 cm.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and is very responsive.

Power Windows

Scorpio has got option for power windows.

Keyless Entry

Scorpio has option for keyless entry in the SUV.

Driver Information Display

The driver information display has lot of information it also has got a voice controlled warning. The driver stays alert and informed about everything that is happening with the SUV.



Mahindra Scorpio Picture
Mahindra Scorpio Pictures

 The Scorpio has a boxy design that works with it's rugged nature. Clear lens lights, black inserts and side cladding lend to the vehicle's visual appeal.

What we like

Good road presence

What we don't like

Could have looked more contemporary

Exteriors Details

Front Design

The smart provocative bonnet scoop with its low drag intake not only offers amazing exterior looks to the car but also clams the Mahindra Scorpio by letting in air to the intercooler and makes the engine very cool. The multi focal headlights offer a very stunning look to the car with its sunrays reflector design that shines into the night giving the car a very elegant look. The sporty fog lamps will announce the arrival of the Scorpio very sportily and offers a very clear vision even in bad weat

Rear Design

The roof top ski racks offers enough space to accommodate you luggage in case of long distance traveling. The integrated rear foot step merges quite well with the rear bumpers and offers very seamlessly striking looks to the car.

Side Profile

he embossed side cladding not only gives bold and stealing look to the Mahindra Scorpio but also absorbs the impact from the side and keeps you safe and sound. The chunky door handles adds that extra bit of styling to the car and offers muscle to the Scorpio for easy grip to open the car.

Ground Clearance

The ground clearance available in this car is of 180 mm.


The front bumpers are body coloured and looks muscular.

Head Lamps

The headlamps of the Scorpio are multi focal.

Tail Lamps

The long clustered tail lamps provide Scorpio is visible from a longer distance.

Fog Lamps

There are fog lamps attached at both front and rear of the car.


The size of the tyre is 235/70 R16, Radial Tubeless, which are very good in controlling the Mahindra Scorpio in case of off-roading.

Alloy Wheels

The presence of alloy wheels in some variants gives Scorpio a very sporty and aggressive look.

Outside Mirrors

Scorpio has electronically operated outside mirrors in some of the variants of the Scorpio.


Mahindra Scorpio automatic will has Rocky Beige Mist Silver Java Brown Fiery Black Toreador Red Diamond White

Rear Wiper

There is an option of rear wiper in the Scorpio.

Roof Rails

Scorpio has roof rails at the roof of the car.

Sun Roof

There is no sun roof in the Scorpio.


The small spoiler at the back has chain of lights which enhances the beauty of the car.

Side Steps

There is side step attached to the Scorpio to give an easy entry and exit.

Spare Wheel

The spare wheel of the car is placed at the boot of the Scorpio.



 The Mahindra Scorpio is offered with a choice of two engine while the mid and higher spec variants are offered with the 2.2 litre mHawk unit which offers great driveability and adequate fuel efficency. 

What we like

Refined and peppy engine

What we don't like

Does not like to the higher end of the rev counter

Engine & Performance Details


The highly powered engine offers zipper acceleration and crosses a barrier of 100 Kms in just 15.6 seconds

Top Speed

Mahindra Scorpio automatic has a top speed of about 156kph (approx).

In Gear Acceleration

The in-gear acceleration provides a good pickup during the 40-60 and at 80-100 without any ease.


The engine is packed with Automatic Transmission Gearbox in different variants.


Mahindra Scorpio is available in diesel version only. The Highly renowned SUV is packed with 2.2 L mHawk diesel engine. This engine comes with a displacement of 2179 cc and offers an impressive power of 120bhp at 4000rpm


The Scorpio automatic generates a torque at 290Nm at 1800-2800rpm.

NVH Levels

The top mounted intercooler present in the engine makes the car very cool and the 2 stage chain drive system offers a great driving experience with minimum noises and vibrations even in higher speed.



Diesel Mileage 13.5 kmpl

 The 2.2 litre engined Scorpio has an ARAI claimed fuel efficiency figure of 15.37 km/l

What we like

Acceptable efficiency from an engine of it's size

What we don't like

Could have been more fuel efficient

Diesel Variants
Getaway 13.5 kmpl
Intelli Hybrid S4 15.4 kmpl
S2 7 Seater 15.4 kmpl
1.99 S4 15.4 kmpl
Getaway 4WD 10.22 kmpl
1.99 S4 Plus 15.4 kmpl
Intelli Hybrid S4 Plus 15.4 kmpl
Intelli Hybrid S6 Plus 15.4 kmpl
Intelli Hybrid S4 Plus 4WD 15.4 kmpl
1.99 S6 Plus 15.4 kmpl
1.99 S4 Plus 4WD 15.4 kmpl
Intelli Hybrid S8 15.4 kmpl
S8 7C Seater 15.4 kmpl
1.99 S8 15.4 kmpl
1.99 S10 15.4 kmpl
Intelli Hybrid S10 15.4 kmpl
Adventure Edition 2WD 15.4 kmpl
Intelli Hybrid S10 4WD 15.4 kmpl
S10 AT 2WD 15.4 kmpl
1.99 S10 4WD 15.4 kmpl
Adventure Edition 4WD 15.4 kmpl
S10 AT 4WD 15.4 kmpl
Diesel Mileage

 The four cylindered engine under the hood produces a power of 118PS @290Nm of torque. The ARAI rated mileage is 11.79kmpl.

Diesel Mileage

 The 4WD version of the Scorpio Getway produces an ARAI mileage of 10.22kmpl. The four cylinders generates a power of 116PS @277Nm of torque.

Diesel Mileage

 The Mahindra Scorpio 2.2 mHawk has a ARAI certified mileage of 15.4 km/litre

Mileage Details

City Fuel Economy

The engine endowed with Automatic Transmission Gearbox offers a mileage of 9.6 kmpl (approx) in the urban roads.

Highway Fuel Economy

He engine endowed with Automatic Transmission Gearbox offers a mileage of 13 kmpl on the highways.

Arai Rated Economy

the ARAI rated fuel economy Mahindra Scorpio Automatic Vlx - Fuel: Diesel (ARAI Specified) :11.79 kmpl

Tank Range

The tank range for Mahindra Scorpio Automatic is 612 Kms.


 The Mahindra Scorpio has been improved drastically over the years and the current model has good handling traits. The ride is decently comfortable although handling during emergency manoeuvres could be better balanced. 

What we like

Controllable road manners

What we don't like

High speed stability could have been better

Handling Braking & Safety Details


The excellent braking system helps in de-accelerating the car when the Mahindra Scorpio is moving in high speed. The ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) present in the car gives a better steering Control and also helps in prevention of wheel locking in case of panic braking.

Braking Performance

The front brakes of Mahindra Scorpio are Disc brakes i.e. Disc and caliper type, twin pot & tandem Booster (with anti-lock braking system) and the rear has drum brakes which are very efficient in case of unexpected surprises in the road.

Safety Features

The ABS (Anti lock Braking System) available in Mahindra Scorpio helps the prevention of wheel locking in case of sudden braking and also controls the car’s stability The availability of Dual SRS Airbag in the car is a very important safety measure which helps in reducing the impact of collision and provides a cushioning effect in collision and jerk. The crash protection crumple zone absorbs all the impact of collision and the steel bars in the road minimizes the impact form the sides. Speed ale


There is option for ABS in the Scorpio automatic.

Traction Control

There is no Traction control in the SUV.



 The Scorpio has been tuned to offer a comfortable ride and it does reasonably well on that front. With comfortable seating for five passengers and a decently cushioned ride.

What we like

Comfortable ride at most speeds and over most surfaces

What we don't like

High speed ride could be more comfortable

Comfort & Suspension Details


The tiltable power steering of the car offers a very comfortable drive by customization in the position of the steering wheel according to one’s need for any height of driver. The power window in both front and rear seat gives great comfort in closing the windows when needed. The internally adjustable ORVM present in the Mahindra Scorpio offers comfort of changing the view without opening the windows of the car. The middle row sliding seats offers a new level of comfort with extra legroom when y

Front Suspension

The suspension of Mahindra Scorpio is very much distinctive and very efficient with front suspension of 2WD Independent with coil spring and anti roll bars and 4WD Independent with torsion bar.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension of multilink with coil spring. This dynamic suspension of present in Mahindra Scorpio offers great stability and control to the car.

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Available EMI options
(For 60 months with interest rate of 10.5% and down payment of ₹ 91,700)
₹ 17,741 per month


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Priced at Rs. 13.07 lakh, ex-showroom, Navi Mumbai, the limited edition SUV from Mahindra will have only 1,000 units. Based on the range-topping S10 variant of the current generation Scorpio, Mahindra & Mahindra has introduced the 'Adventure Edition' of the SUV at Rs. 13.07 lakh, ex-showroom, Navi Mumbai. This limited edition will be availab...Read Full News

MS Dhoni's saved Rs. 3.5 lakh by registering Hummer H2 as Scorpio

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Mahindra recalls 2,300 units of Xylo, Scorpio and XUV500

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Unfortunate Buyer Of Scorpio Mhawk

By RATAN SINGH Posted on 19 Sep 08, 03:26 AM

Pros Great appeal,looks etc.

Cons pathetic travelling comfort,cramped interiors which makes driving anight mare

Few months back I have decided to upgrade myself from my old lancer to an SUV. With this intention I spend most of my valuable time surfing in internet and enquiring about available vehicles in the market. One day I got the news about the new launch of Mahindra Scorpio M Hawk. Whenever I enquired about Scorpio, many of my friends who owned Scorpios had discouraged me. They pointed me about the bouncy and scary drive of Scorpios. Even a few people, whom I knew personally, have died in Scorpio accidents. But I noticed one of the reviews about M hawk that it has a tweaked suspension and also ABS. It also specified that it’s the best Scorpio yet. I got interested with the new salient features of the vehicle and I waited for the vehicle to be launched in Kerala. After waiting for a few days I purchased a brand new Scorpio M Hawk Vlx on 11-2-08 from TVS Motors Kottayam. Now I would come straight away into my issues. From the day one onwards I am totally disappointed and unsatisfied about the vehicles performance in terms of mileage, suspension and passengers comfort. As per my understanding an SUV is a kind of vehicle which gives superior riding and driving comfort both in good roads as well as off roads. But I had an opposite experience. My vehicle has run around 8000 Km till date. The particular vehicle is trembling and wobbling like any thing. Even the gear lever is vibrating and many times I found it very hard to operate. Literally I feel that whenever I drove the vehicle it resembled a truck or a bullock cart. We cannot call it as a family car at all as we are troubled by severe neck and back pain.Also the shapeless door handle makes the drivers legs painfull and cramped. I also have put maximum effort from my end to rectify the issues like rattling, wobbling and bouncing. Even I have placed a 130 kg weighed iron bar at the rear side to prevent wobbling and bouncing. I have taken the vehicle to the TVS Work shop thrice with these issues. They noticed that the seats were also trembling and one of the door of the brand new vehicle had rattling noises. They have loosened the multilink and adjusted it. Also they have changed the gear liver assembly to reduce the hardness .Still there was no use. I have droved the vehicle in the company specified tyre pressures. (32 PSI Front & Rear). I have also checked it by lowering the air pressure one by one till 27 PSI. Even I tried nitrogen instead of air for three days. But there was no use. The situation was the same. Keeping all these in mind I have done a comparative study by driving almost all utility vehicles available like Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT, Toyota Innova, Qualis, Chevrolet Tavera, Sumo Grande, Old Scorpio Turbo, Bolero., Sumo Victa etc. As a result of this I would like to declare that undoubtedly the Scorpio M hawk is the worst in terms of comfort and easy drive To conclude I would suggest M&M to market Scorpio M Hawk as a goods carriage vehicle rather than selling the vehicle as a passenger vehicle at a huge price that too with totally useless things like cruise control , driver side anti pinch window, incorrect tyre tonics etc. Anoop R, 9895808353 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- « Honda’s new CR-V with 2.0L engineRoyal Enfield Fuel Injection engine » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Mahindra Scorpio AT : Detailed Review

By Randeep Kaur Posted on 30 Oct 09, 05:53 PM

Pros all

Cons none

Mahindra & Mahindra have made another addition to its product range, with the all new ’Scorpio Automatic. The first automatic SUV by the Mahindra group, featuring a six speed gear box and powerful 2.2 litre mHawk engine.Some say that it is a SUV that should have an automatic transmission is not worth it or while some say that the scorpio is at best with a manual transmission, but there is no denying the fact this Scorpio AT is the most city friendly of all the SUVs.Other nfeatures same as the SCorpio Manual and plus the added Auto-Transmission makes it easy to maneuver the SUV in traffic More about the designs, engine, safety features and variants of Scorpio Automatic, are gives as follows: Design and Interior: The design of the Scorpio Automatic is same as that of the first Scorpio, designed way back in 2002. It has a four-door SUV wagon,a separate frame and three-row seating, which can have up to seven people. Scorpio Automatic has a fully electronically controlled gearbox which enables greater maneuvering. The new model is designed to suit the city driving conditions. Engine: The 120bhp 2.2L engine gets a six speed automatic made by Drivetrain International Systems in Australia. Scorpio Automatic has an intelligent driving mode to make driving a pleasurable experience, even in situations such as stop-and-go traffic, slippery roads and steep inclines.Other features include antilock brakes, rear-obstacle detection, auto-on headlamps and even rain-sensing wipers. The mHawk Scorpio automatic has the ability to cover 60 kmph in 6 seconds and touch 100 kmph in just 15 seconds. The shifting of gears takes place at low revs (2000-2500 rpm) , and the engine feels relaxed even at 120 km/hr. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, the Scorpio At gives a mileage of 12.7 km/pl on highways and 10.2 km/pl on city roads. The acceleration is a bit better than the manual version. The VLX model also consists of features like Cruise Control, ABS, automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, Tyre pressure monitoring system, voice assist system etc. Safety: The Scorpio Automatic equipped with overheat protection, reverse lockout, BTSI (brake transmission shift interlock) and anti roll-back in ‘Drive’ mode. These feature enables the Scorpio not to roll back on inclines, unlike most of the other automatic vehicles. These features and the new auto transmission would also help the women drivers to drive safely and also with ease. Price & Variants: The Scorpio AT is launched in two variants (VLS, VLX) which are both priced above 10.5 L. and both the models were launched simultaneously.

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Working of the new Scorpio with Micro Hybrid Technology is pretty smooth.

By Shankar Mahalingam Posted on 04 Jun 09, 07:27 PM

Pros Powerful engine, excellent suspension, awesome styling, Micro hybrid Technology

Cons None really

The main thing that I want to talk about in this review is the Micro Hybrid Technology in the New Mighty Muscular Scorpio. There is no real difference in the drive quality because of the start-stop system. I felt that the working of the start-stop system of the engine is really smooth. The engine does shut down but comes to life immediately when the clutch is pressed so no real problems as such. I just think that this was a great addition to Scorpio in terms of saving fuel and reducing emissions.

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15 of 18 users found this review helpful.

Mahindra Scorpio Micro Hybrid

By Monty Raheja Posted on 09 Oct 09, 05:05 PM

Pros The 2.2 litre mHawk engine is amazing

Cons Body roll still remains but is acceptable

The environment friendly car technology in India has so far been restricted to small electric vehicles like the Reva or the Honda Civic Hybrid. But its finally moved down to SUV’s with Mahindra Scorpio. The Scorpio has been around for almost a decade now, and ideally speaking it should be due for a retirement anytime soon. But Mahindra has been constantly working on the Scorpio. The latest evolution is the VLX Micro Hybrid. It looks like a normal Scorpio but there has been little styling changes. Crucially, it has now got the Start-Stop Technology. The Scorpio Micro Hybrid is not a conventional hybrid car. Unlike a Honda Civic Hybrid, the scorpio does not get an electric motor to back up the petrol or diesel engine. Instead, what you get in Micro Hybrid is Start-Stop. When you stop, put the gear into neutral and let go of the clutch, the engine cuts off after 5 seconds. That is it, you are saving fuel and saving the environment. When you have to get moving again, simply press the clutch and the engine revs up to life instantly. It does save fuel, and around the world start-stop is used in a lot of city cars to save fuel in city traffic conditions. When the engine cuts off, the air-conditioning also cuts off. In the sweltering Indian heat, it is unsure how many people would actually let the engine cut off. If you are willing to overlook the perspiration, this system does make a difference. The Start-stop when put to test returned mileage figures of 10.09 kmpl with the system turned on and 9.82 kmpl with the system turned off. It is not a significant increase, but every little bit of fuel saved will help in the end. In scorpio, the Micro Hybrid Technology is allied to the 2.2 litre mHawk engine which impressed us all when it was launched last year. The all aluminum engine is 130 kgs lighter than its predecessor and the resulting difference in dynamics is altogether apparent. The Scorpio was once a very heavy ride. But things have improved a lot and the recent switch from leaf springs to coil springs has made a lot of difference. The ride is more composed, the Handling is decent and though it tends to roll and wallow a bit, it is quite within acceptable parameters. I once put on 10000 kms on Scorpio driving around in Rajasthan, and I enjoyed every single Km of it. Now with its improved engine, performance has gone up, fuel efficiency has gone up, it is more refined and crucially, because there is less weight upfront, handling is also better. Overall it has become a much safer and nicer drive. Micro Hybrid Technology costs and additional Rs.3000. Not a big hit on your wallet given the benefits of saving the environment and saving money in the long run. The Scorpio might be old but Mahindra’s constant tinkering with the car has managed to keep it fresh and relevant in this day and age. It still looks very manly and very SUV like. Scorpio is also the rare SUV in which you get Automatic Transmission. You can also get optional 4WD in this car. You get captain seats at the rear which makes it a comfortable long distance tourer. It suits many needs and many requirements. Clearly Scorpio is a cut above its competition right now.

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By Mahesh Bhatt Posted on 01 Nov 08, 04:36 AM




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Sukant\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Scorpio review

By RATAN SINGH Posted on 06 Jul 08, 09:14 PM

Pros Road Presence

Cons Less Leg Space

I have driven Slx quite a number of times an on all the ocassions I end up with a mix feeling. The car has an awsome road presence. When it comes to comparing the car with Nearest competetor - Tata Safari. I do see Scorpio a thumb down in terms of Road Presence. But when it comes to the feeling of confidence as well as being comfortable with the mechanics under the bonnet I do see Scorpio steering ahead of the Safari. In terms of Body paint as well as giving the finnese to Safari. I see scorpio doing better. But yes when it comes to the IN-CAR Goodies Safari is still ahead of Scorpio. As a Car I will choose to stay with Scorpio for the Ease and butch looks

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Good value for money machine but requires some improvements

By Rahul Tyagi Posted on 14 Sep 09, 05:07 PM

Pros Engine is the best part, Light steering makes driving very easy

Cons Overall fit and finish

I always wanted to buy Scorpio from the time I saw it on roads but to be sure I test drove Scorpio VLX, Innova and Safari. In the end I zeroed down upon Scorpio because scorpio is a SUV in true sense. Engine is what counts. I just love driving it in the city. I donot have much to complain about. I just wish the fit and finish was better. Look and feel: Scorpio’s looks makes it stand out in the horde of cars around. The tall looks and huge expanse make you feel like you can rule the roads. Leg space is less in middle row but expanding the vehicle further will change it dynamics. I feel Scorpio’s size is perfect for its engine and control. The head light, tail light and the fog lights in the chunky front and rear bumpers are well carved out. The new stickers and cladding give it an upbeat look. In the interiors the dashboard and the gearlever are well laid out but the fit and finish of various switches and the plastic quality needs improvement to give it a refined look. The seat covers look ok but leather seats could have added much more class. Engine and drive quality: The new 120 BHP mHawk engine brings with it a lot of improvement over the older CRDe engine. The power of the engine and the refinement in drive quality will make you ignore the shortcomings of fit and finish. It is a powerhouse mean machine to drive. There is no lag in power. The ne Mighty Muscular Scorpio is less top heavy than before so the feeling of body roll is less (but present to some extent nonetheless) . It depends on how you tame the beast. The braking has improved much more and I feel much more confident about its safety thanks to introduction of ABS. The steering is extremely light and I was surprised by how easily I could maneuver the scorpio in heavy city traffic. Scorpio is a very easy vehicle to drive and squeeze in into tight spots in city traffic even though it is huge. The suspension is also improved and I think it will last longer years as compared to old scorpio’s suspension. The gear shift is little hard but is not an issue once you get used to it. In the end, it is all about how you tame the beast. Fuel Efficiency: A 12 kmpl fuel efficiency on highways is respectable. The Micro Hybrid Technology might have some improvements on mileage. Haven’t really checked if it works. Lots of other useful features: The numerous gizmos like tyretronics, steering mounted audio controls, cruise controls, intelligent wipers are all thoughtful insights that Mahindra has incorporated in scorpio. My Scorpio has no Airbags which is a drawback but I think Mahindra is coming up with Airbags in scorpio. The Reverse Parking Sensors come in very handy which shows the scene behind the scorpio in the parking mirror and alerts you with a beep when you are close to the object. Overall review: It is a delight to drive the grand suv scorpio on city roads and taking it once in a while for an adventure spin. But Mahindra could afford to do away with the cost cutting and provide better fit and finish.

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V-scorpio or Hawk in design

By RATAN SINGH Posted on 18 Jun 08, 12:01 AM

Pros Good and pepy engine ,

Cons substandard interior finish, gizmos would not help

I have done 2.25lac km on my scorpio GLX, yet i firmly belive Anand Mahindra should send his designers to the cleaners (to remove residual tinking)and then send them around the world to learn detailing in design and asthetics. The last mile is often the most difficult. Thats where the V- model fail badly. Upgrade should be in quality too. The new engine may impress but on the whole the scorpio does not impress with its static design

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Mahindra Scorpio, one of the finest Indian product

By Randeep Kaur Posted on 30 Sep 09, 12:32 PM

Pros All possible features (default or added) are great


Hi, I am a scorpio owner and i have to say that i am totally and completely satisfied with this product. This car which comes in the SUV section in the Indian market has great potential in it and has satisfied me to the core. The scorpio has a great turning radius which outclasses the innova, safari, and other such car in this category. The body is strong and not delicate and is a much more reliable car than many others available in the Indian market today. Coming to the fuel consumptionm part, i have to say that it gives u a better mileage seeing the conditions of the roads today here in India. The Scorpio has a great engine and so a good pick up. The run it has on highways is also tremendous. In terms of other vechicles as far as the speed part is concerned these vechicles have a weak link, that is when they touch a speed of more than 120 Km/ph they tend to shake or vibrate a lot which is not the case here with the Scorpio. With a Scorpio when driving in a highway and in times of overtaking, you dont have to think twice to do that mannouvre as it takes on the road in a smooth and efficient way unlike the innova which is a bulky car and the driver faces difficulties in doing such mannouvres. When in times of an accident (major or minor) the Scorpio tends to have a lot of safety measures plus it has a strong body unlike innova and tavera which even with a small hit gives an impression of a huge damage to the car's outer body as its very delicate, but for Scorpio that is not the case and i have also experienced the way the service stations act in times of servicing your car and they are really helpful and fast and they are not like the other service stations which sometimes mistreat their customers by wasting their precious time and money. The price of a Scorpio is also reasonable comparing the same with an innova or tavera as the Scorpio gives you a better performance meter reading than the others and these cars also cost a lot as compared to a scorpio. Mahindra is following one important rule in customer saticfaction by giving them good treatment and also by leading them in the right way. To conclude this review of mine the scorpio is worth every penny you spend and gives you a smile with satisfaction.

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I purchased Scorpio in November 2006,and I face lot of problems from its Dealer in Chandigarh Swami

By RATAN SINGH Posted on 07 Jun 08, 09:53 AM

Pros I purchased Scorpio in November 2006,and I face lot of problems from its Dealer in Chandigarh Swami

Cons I purchased Scorpio in November 2006,and I face lot of problems from its Dealer in Chandigarh Swami

I purchased Scorpio in November 2006,and I face lot of problems from its Dealer in Chandigarh Swami Automobiles, for servicing I am sending my Scorpio to Goel Motors Mohali when it is opened in Mohali they did 3 - 4 services good but now a days the service of the daeler is going worst and their Service in charge (VIKRAM UPADHAYA) doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t know how to talk when i discuss my problem with him (while purcshasing one more Scorpio) on 9th May he is saying not to come here for service try out side in local market. In this way Mahindra will loose it sale .SCORPIO IS OK BUT SCORPIO COMPANY NEEDS TO GIVE TRAINING TO ITS DEALERS. BEST OF LUCK MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA WITH THIS TYPES OF VIKRAM THAKURS

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