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Things We Like in Amaze 2013-2016

Very spacious, good on practicality with cup holders / cubby holes. Big windows give a sense of space too.

Boot is integrated very well, the car looks proportionate, tail lamps look a bit like City

Very efficient petrol and diesel engines. Expect 15-16 in petrol and 18-20 in diesel in real world city driving conditions.

Well balanced suspension and works well in all road conditions. Feels solid at high speeds and has the ability to soak up bumps with ease.

Very strong petrol engine which is smooth and noise free. Good power and nice fuel economy too. Diesel is exceptional with terrific punch for city use and excellent fuel economy.

The Honda Amaze handles in a predictable and safe manner. Braking is also good with safety features like ABS.

Things We Dont Like in Amaze 2013-2016

Rear seat not wide enough for 3 well built adults

Not very wide - gets beaten by Verito in this asepct

The suspension has a tendecy to compress a lot with more than 3 on board which can lower the overall ground clearance a lot.

Only when you push the car hard does the rear part step out.

Honda Amaze 2013-2016 Colors

Amaze 2013-2016 is available in 6 different colors - Urban Titanium Metallic, Carnelian Red Pearl, Taffeta White, Majestic Blue Mattlic, Golden Brown Metallic and Alabaster Silver Metallic - Amaze.

  • Urban Titanium Metallic

  • Carnelian Red Pearl

  • Taffeta White

  • Majestic Blue Mattlic

  • Golden Brown Metallic

Honda Amaze 2013-2016 Pictures

Review of Amaze 2013-2016

  • Overview
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Mileage Running Cost
  • Comfort Suspension
  • Engine Performance
  • Braking Safety


UPDATED: Here is our Amaze test drive video

UPDATED: Amaze goes on sale at Rs 4.99 lac - CLICK TO READ

Honda's first diesel for the Indian market comes in the form of the Amaze sedan. Based on the Brio hatchback, the Amaze has been designed to meet the small car norms of being under 4m in length. This lets the car enjoy small car tax benefits and hence can be priced in the same range as the Maruti Dzire, its direct rival. Due for launch in April/May 2013, the Amaze will compete in the entry level sedan market and will come with both a 1.2-litre petrol and an all-new 1.5-litre diesel engine. Looks wise, the Amaze is more or less a Brio with an added boot. However, the wheelbase has been increased for more cabin space and the boot looks neatly integrated into the body. The end result is a pleasing looking sedan with the rear tail lamps hinting at design cues taken from the City sedan. The front looks same as the Brio with the only changes being the grille and the bumper. Side profile of the car is also sporty with two strong shoulder lines running from each end (front and rear), finishing in parallel in the front door.

The Amaze wears 14-inch wheels shod with 175/65 tyres and ofcourse, the top end versions get alloy wheels. The Amaze is made with an aim of providing a very comfortable drive for 5 adults. With an increased wheelbase over the Brio, the Amaze actually provides amazing interiors space. We drove the car with a 6 feet tall person up front in the driver's seat and yet, a similar sized person could easily sit at the rear. We can safely say that the cabin space will better the Dzire and same goes for the surprisingly spacious boot as well. Design of the fascia remains same though Honda might change the color theme inside. Rear passengers also get a central arm-rest with cup-holders while the almost flat rear floor means seating three abreast will not call for problems! 



The Honda Amaze, when launched in April-May 2013, will get both a 1.2-litre petrol engine (which does duty on the Brio and the Jazz) and an all-new 1.5-litre iDTEC engine as well. Now this engine is the world’s lightest 1.5-litre diesel motor and thankfully, Honda has tuned it perfectly well for Indian roads. They studied data across various metros and noticed the driving pattern of car owners. This has resulted in an engine that responds terrifically well to driver’s inputs at low RPMs. Infact, the car pulls neatly from under 1500rpm, all the way to 3000rpm. The trump card here is the diesel engine - the 1.5-litre engine not only puts out class leading power of 100Bhp, it is also makes the Amaze the most efficient car across all the segments in India with an ARAI rated economy of 25.8kmpl! With over 30% more power than the Dzire, it also beats the Maruti offering on acceleration and top speed! 



Gearing is spot on for both city and highway use with 2000rpm coming up at 85-90 in 5th gear. 2nd gear is good for 70ish which does hint at a slightly shorter gearing for better punch during city driving.  Overall NVH levels were impressive considering this was a prototype. Infact, day temperatures were as low as 8-9 degrees and even with the engine cold, diesel clatter was well controlled. The Brio is a lovely car to drive in city and the Amaze is no different. Infact, the overall weight difference between a petrol Brio and a diesel Amaze (the one we drove) isn’t much and hence the car hasn’t lost its agile nature. Steering is light with enough feedback and the track we drove on allowed for a few cornering antics which did reveal that the Amaze will be a delight to drive fast. We cant say much about the suspension over bad roads though – wait for  a few more months for this one. The Brio hatchback starts at just over 4 lac (ex-showroom Delhi) and as the Amaze falls under the small car norms (under 4m in length), it will surely enjoy tax benefits, translating into an ex-showroom price of under Rs 5 lac for the petrol and under Rs 6 lac for the diesel. At this price, it certainly is a genuine winner given all the right boxes it ticks. Further, it comes backed with Honda’s brand name and strong re-sale value in the market. All the right ingredients then for a tasty recipe? You bet!

Check out the Honda Amaze video


The Honda Brio followed the “man maximum machine minimum” concept and the same has been carried forward here too. Infact, the interiors are similar to the Brio in design but the production versions might have a different color scheme for the fascia. Ergonomics, ie, the steering-seat-pedal relation remain top notch and what has improved over the Brio is the overall cabin space due to the extended wheelbase. Infact, I, who test drove the car, stand 6 feet tall and with the driver seat adjusted for my length, I could still sit at the back without my knees touching the back of the front seat – now this is something that the Dzire can certainly not match up to. Further, the top end version of the Honda Amaze will also get a rear central arm-rest with built in cup holders.

The Amaze has a airy cabin thanks to big windows and this certainly gives it a sense of space. Expect the same levels of equipment as seen on the Brio hatchback which means driver information display, steering controls, ABS, airbags, keyless entry, lot of cup holders etc. Lastly, the Amaze certainly has far more boot space of 400 litres which is much more than the Dzire.



Interiors Details

  • Boot Space

    The boot space of the Honda Amaze is pretty good considering the car is under 4m in length - it does beat the Dzire on this account.

  • Speedometer

    The speedometer console of the Honda Amaze is similar to the Brio has houses the tachometer as well in addition to a driver info display.

  • Gear Lever

    The gear lever of the Honda Amaze has the same design as the Brio hatchback and feels good to hold.

  • Cup Holders

    There are lot of cup holders in the Honda Amaze and this increases the overall practicality of the vehicle.

  • Glovebox

    The glovebox of the Amaze has decent space to keep documents, owner's manual and other small things.

  • Audio System

    The audio system of the Honda Amaze comes as standard in all the versions except for the base E one. It sounds good too and can be controlled via the steering controls that are offered in higher grades.

  • Air Conditioner

    All the models of the Honda Amaze come standard with a manual air-conditioner system and this does the job pretty well in summer months too.

  • Arm Rests

    No version of the Honda Amaze has front arm-rest. However, rear passengers do get one with integrated cup-holders.

  • Air Vents

    The Honda Amaze comes only front front air-vents and there are no dedicated air-vents for rear passengers.

  • Seats

    The Honda Amaze is a genuine five seater and thanks to an extended wheelbase, there is ample leg and knee room for rear passengers as well.

  • Leg Room

    The leg room on offer in the Honda Amaze is very good. Infact, even tall passengers can sit at the rear without their knees touching the back of the front seats.

  • Knee Room

    Knee room in the Honda Amaze is very good. The extended wheelbase helps in liberating lot of room for passengers.

  • Shoulder Space

    Shoulder space on offer in the Honda Amaze is average. It is difficult for 3 well built adults to sit abreast at the rear.

  • Head Room

    Head room in the Honda Amaze is good. Tall people can sit easily without their heads touching the roof.

  • Steering Wheel

    The Honda Amaze has a good looking steering wheel that also comes with audio controls in the higher trim levels.

  • Power Windows

    Power windows are standard across all the versions of the Honda Amaze

  • Keyless Entry

    Keyless entry is offered in the higher versions of the Honda Amaze

  • Driver Information Display

    Driver information display is offered as standard in the Honda Amaze and shows the average fuel economy of the car.


Similar to many other sedans in India, the Amaze too, in layman terms, is a Brio with a boot. However, look closely and you notice the extended wheelbase, which has been increased by as much as 60mm to liberate more passenger and boot space. The boot too has been integrated very well into the car and is pleasing to the eyes. The front is similar to the Brio hatchback apart from the slightly different grille and bumper but the rear treatment ofcourse is new – the tail lamps do remind us somewhat of the City, and that is a good thing. We believe Honda will continue to offer same color options as the Brio hatchback. 

The side profile of the Amaze is another aspect which we love – there are two striking design lines running from the end and the rear, finishing in parallel near the B pillar and easily catch your eye. The Honda Amaze rides on 14-inch wheels shod with 175/65 tyres but we feel these do seem a bit under tyred. Our examples wore MRF tyres and road noise was well controlled. The overall length of the Amaze stands at 3990mm, which is 5mm shorter than its main rival, the Maruti Dzire. However, width and height seem to be same as the Brio hatchback.




  • Front Design

    The front fascia of the Honda Amaze is similar to that of the Brio hatchback. More body-colored surfaces on the car do add some premium feel to the car.

  • Rear Design

    The rear end of the car has been redesigned completely and now gets a large boot in place of the hatchback. The tail lamps and the defining lines merge cleanly into one good looking rear profile.

  • Side Profile

    The side profile of the Amaze does not look out of shape like other small sedans in this segment. The defining lines from the Brio have been carried over on the sedan as well.

  • Ground Clearance

    The ground clearance of Honda Amaze is 150mm.

  • Bumpers

    The front bumpers though same as the Brio get full body-color elements. The rear bumper on the other hand has been designed from scratch to suit the rear profile.

  • Head Lamps

    The head lamps are same from the Brio with clear lens reflective surfaces.

  • Tail Lamps

    Tail lamps are completely new but follow the traditional design carried over from the Brio hatchback.

  • Fog Lamps

    Front fog lamps are not provided in the Amaze.

  • Tyres

    The Honda Amaze comes with 175/65 R14 tyres. These are of the tubeless variety.

  • Alloy Wheels

    The Honda Amaze gets new design alloy wheels on the top end (V) version of both petrol and diesel options.

  • Outside Mirrors

    The Honda Amaze comes with electrically operated outside rear view mirrors on the higher grade versions.

  • Colors

    Honda Amaze will be offered in the same color options as the Honda Brio though the final list will come once the car gets launched in April 2013.

  • Rear Wiper

    No version of the Honda Amaze comes with rear wipers as this is a sedan.

  • Roof Rails

    No version of the Honda Amaze comes with roof rails.

  • Sun Roof

    No version of the Honda Amaze comes with sun-roof as standard or option.

  • Spoiler

    Honda Amaze does not come with a spoiler in any of the versions.

  • Side Steps

    Honda doesnt offer side steps on any of the versions of the Amaze.

  • Spare Wheel

    The spare wheel of the Honda Amaze is offered in full size and is fitted in the boot, under the boot mat.

Mileage Running Cost

The Honda Amaze will come with two engine options : a 1.2-litre petrol and a 1.5-litre diesel.

PETROL: This is the same 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol motor that does duty in the Brio hatchback too. Power and torque figures remain unchanged and the engine continous to be very smooth and responsive. Infact, at a rated 88PS, the Amaze does put out impressive power for its segment. The engine itself feels responsive in city traffic but to enjoy it best, drivers should go pedal to metal. Once on the boil, this petrol motor will leave a smile on your face with its performance. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox that has precise and short throws. It isnt very smooth but nevertheless doesnt give a reason to complain ever.

DIESEL: Honda has developed a new 1.5-litre diesel engine which is essentially the 1.6-litre diesel they have in the international market, minus 100cc. This four cylinder motor is also the world's lightest 1.5-litre diesel engine which has been possible due to use of aluminum. It is also the most efficient across all segments in India with an ARAI rated economy of 25.8kmpl!

Mileage Running Cost

    Comfort Suspension

    Comfort and Suspension

    • Comfort

      Comfort in the Honda Amaze is of the highest order. The suspension has been tuned well for undulations you still feel sharp dips.

    • Front Suspension

      Front suspension of the Honda Amaze is of the MacPherson Strut variety.

    • Rear Suspension

      Rear suspension of the Honda Amaze is of the Torsion Beam variety.

    Engine Performance

    To start with, this baby from Honda, the Amaze is the most efficient car in India across all segments and fuel types. At a rated 25.8kmp, the diesel Honda Amaze even shames the smaller hatchbacks like the Chevrolet Beat Diesel. Its main rival, the Maruti Dzire also falls behind in the fuel economy stakes. Further, Honda hasn’t compromised on the driving pleasure front as this 1.5-litre diesel powerplant puts out class leading power of 100Bhp. Comparing this with the Dzire’s 75 and Mahindra Verito’s 65Bhp and Toyota Etios’ 68Bhp and you get our point.

    The Amaze pulls cleanly from just about idling all the way to 3500rpm. Not only is the torque delivery strong, aiding city driving, but the power delivery at higher revs about 3000rpm give it a very petrol like nature, pulling away from traffic with super ease. The Amaze should smoke the Dzire diesel in the 0-100km/h stakes by over a second very easily. 


    Engine Performance

      Braking Safety

      Brakes and Wheels

      • Handling

        Handling of the Honda Amaze is good. It is agile and the steering light. However, push it hard with four people on board and the tyres start giving away.

      • Braking Performance

        Braking of the Honda Amaze is good with Honda offering ABS on the higher versions. The 175/65 R14 tyres also work well and offer good grip.

      • Safety Features

        Safety features in the Honda Amaze include ABS, airbags et al. The car has also been tested for crash worthiness.

      • Abs

        ABS of anti-lock braking system is offered in the higher versions of the Honda Amaze and helps under emergency braking.

      • Traction Control

        Traction control is not offered in any version of the Honda Amaze

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      • M
        Mohandas Jun 22, 2017
        Honda Amaze (SAT) Automatic transmission

        I am using Honda Amaze Automatic transmission car for the last two years. Performance, style, looks everything are very good compared to other sedans of this range, but fuel consumption is too much. In city (Delhi) the average is only 10 km per ltr and on highways it is 13-14 km per ltr. Required pic up is not there for Read More

      • L
        Lashman Jun 22, 2017
        As compare with it, latest Dzire is good option.

        6 months back I bought amaze S MT - Diesel, so far ran 7800 km, my feelings are AC is not at all enough, when we were driving in summer - highways. Performance also not up to expected level. Pick up is average. Good thing is very good space in back seat and leg room - it is comfort for Read More

      • A
        ARUN Jun 22, 2017

        Amazing Amaze. Honda amaze has been a let down. Purchased Amaze SMT Diesel model and just after 60 kms of running break liners were making noise. PDI Wheel alignment was not proper, shock absorbers are sub standard, the smoothness is not there, it's as if the rubber bushings are hardened. 2nd Gear pick u is horrible. At the speed breaker Read More

      • I
        Imran Jun 22, 2017
        Not Good Car for Speed Drive

        Amaze, not a good car for people who like speed. I recently brought Amaze SMT Petrol, overall looks good, but when running car on 80-90 and need to do speed boost it fails, its taking longer then expected time to reach over 100 to overtake other vehicle. same things happen in lower gear, in 4th its taking time to reach Read More

      • T
        THEFT Jun 22, 2017
        THEFT @ Capital Honda, Chennai

        Traumatic experience @ Capital Honda Service Station, Kottivakkam, Chennai. I had purchased a new Honda amaze and had installed GPS system during delivery. The car's performance was good apart from an intermittent minor noise probably coming out of the AC unit, We checked in our car for the first free service @ Capital Honda, OMR. But my memory card was Read More

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