Datsun GO Plus

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₹ 3.91 - ₹ 5.20 Lakh
GO Plus Price Breakup
Ex-showroom Price in New Delhi
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GO Plus Specifications
Engine 1198 cc
Power 67 bhp
Transmission Manual
0-100 Kmph 14.2 seconds
Turbo Charger No

From the experts

Things We Like in GO Plus

 Spacious, intelligent cost-cutting measures

 Clean, proportinate design

Fuel-efficient engine

 Comfortable seats, good NVH levels, suspension is brilliant

Peppy and fuel-efficient engine, good overall performance

Good all around visibility, good ride-and-handling characteristics

Things We Dont Like in GO Plus

 Lacks features, no cubby-holes at the rear, quality of parts not at par with hatchbacks in this price segment

None really

3rd row seats not for adults

A bit noisy

 The Datsun Go+ is not offered with any additional safety systems such as ABS or Airbags

Price List of GO Plus

Variant Price Specifications  
D ₹ 3.91 Lakh*
Ex-showroom Price
1198 cc, 67 bhp, Manual, Petrol
A EPS ₹ 4.73 Lakh*
Ex-showroom Price
1198 cc, 67 bhp, Manual, Petrol
T ₹ 4.99 Lakh*
Ex-showroom Price
1198 cc, 67 bhp, Manual, Petrol
T Option ₹ 5.20 Lakh*
Ex-showroom Price
1198 cc, 67 bhp, Manual, Petrol
Remix Limited Edition ₹ 5.04 Lakh*
Ex-showroom Price
1198 cc, 67 bhp, Manual, Petrol

Colors of GO Plus

GO Plus is available in 5 different colors - Blackish Ageha Glass Flake, Gold, Gray, Storm White and Ruby.

  • Blackish Ageha Glass Flake

  • Gold

  • Gray

  • Storm White

  • Ruby

Pictures of GO Plus

Videos of GO Plus

Watch latest video reviews of Datsun GO Plus to know about its interiors, exteriors, performance, mileage and more.

GO Plus Mileage

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Petrol kmpl 20.62 kmpl

Review of GO Plus

  • Overview
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Mileage Running Cost
  • Comfort Suspension
  • Engine Performance
  • Braking Safety


UPDATED: Read detailed roadtest of the Go+ (click to read)

The Datsun Go+ is the company's second attempt at cracking the highly competitive Indian low-cost car market after the Go hatchback. The Go+ combines the attractiveness of a 5+2 seater MPV with the promise of low costs to woo customers. The biggest selling point of the car will be how affordable it will be for its size and the features that it offers.

Design-wise, the Go+ is a handsome car. It is well proportioned and does not look unwieldy in any way. The front is dominated by large head lamps, a hexagonal grille with chrome surrounds, a subtly contoured hood, a neat front bumper with black-inserts where the fog-lamps would usually be located in other car. Head-on the car looks energetic. Move to the side and you notice how long the car is, it measure 3995mm long. The car looks spacious from the outside thanks the large windows, the blacked-pillars give the car a premium look. Body lines, which include subtle wheel arches, an upward kink at the bottom of the doors etc. add to the character of the car. Pull-type door handles, small wheels and tyres and basic ORVM covers show that cost-cutting measures have been implemented. Move to the rear and you see that the designers have put in a lot of thought to make the car look good, the rear-three quarter is one of the best angles for looking at the Go+. The rear is dominated by large tail-lamps with clear lens component lights, a sloping rear-hatch and a large bumper.

The interior is simply styled and though the cost-cutting shows, you do not mind because there are intelligent additions. The centre console is dominated by a docking station, you can place your mobile here and connect it to the door-mounted speakers via an auxiliary cable. If you own a smartphone the docking station becomes a multimedia system with hands free calling, music and navigation too! The docking station also features a USB charging point and a volume control knob. The A/C control switches are placed below the dock, and look built-to-a-price. The instrument cluster is simple and features a large analogue speedometer with a small digital screen which displays real-time fuel-efficiency, distance-to-empty etc.

The steering wheel is good to hold and weighs up or down nicely according to the speeds, the pedals are nicely spaced and have a positive feedback, the five-speed transmission lever is placed on the dashboard and is easy to reach and operate. The gear-lever has short throws but does not shift very smoothly, the pull-and-twist type hand brake fouls with the drivers knees and the seats are flat and do not provide very good lateral support.

The seats are flat and provide a lot space, the front seats are connected to form a bench but is best used for seating two people including the driver for safety. The second row can accommodate three standard-sized adults easily, the third row though is not meant for seating adults. The additional 210mm of rear space adds a third row to the Go+ over its hatchback sibling, but the seat is placed on the floor an the head-room is also less which makes it best used to seat small-children or to be used purely to store luggage. Folding the third-row and using it purely as a luggage space is the best way to use this space. The Go+ is essentially a very spacious 5-seater family car.

The 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol motor developing 68PS/104Nm coupled to a low overall weight of around 800 Kg makes the Go+ a sprightly car. The long-travel suspension and high profile tyres provide very good cushioning. The engine vibrations are kept in check even though it is a 3-cylinder units, road and wind-noise is also minimal, this helps improve the comfort levels inside the car. The rear suspension has been stiffened to cope with the extra weight and that helps make the ride even better than the hatchback. The Go+ can handle bad roads very well without losing composure, high-speed manners are also good and body roll is well contained.

The Datsun Go+ is a good choice for those looking for an affordable, spacious, good handling car with low running costs. 


 The Datsun Go+ has a very spacious cabin. The spacious feeling is enhanced due to the airiness added thanks to the windscreen, the large windows and slim pillars. The dark-grey and beige interiors also help make the cabin feel big. The dashboard is uncluttered and simple. The instrument cluster consists of a large analogue speedometer with a small digital display which shows instantaneous and average fuel economy, distance to empty, fuel level, odo reading etc. The centre console consists of a docking station which replaces the traditional audio system, it consists of a aux input with a cable that can be connected to your mobile phone, the mobile phone can be placed on a holder. The A/C controls are placed below the docking station. The glovebox is open, the front doors get large bottle holders and there is a cubby-hole below the steering wheel where you can store knick-knacks. The steering wheel is large and good to hold, the gear-lever is dashboard mounted and is easy to operate. The sore point is pull-and-twist-type hand brake lever which fouls with the drivers knee sometimes and looks very down market. The seats are comfortable an there is plenty of knee-room, leg-room, head-room and shoulder-room for the front two rows of seats, the third row is strictly for small children or is best used as a luggage space.

Interiors Details

  • Boot Space

    The MPV has 48-litres of boot space with the third row in position, and 347 litres of boot space with the third row of seats folded down

  • Speedometer

    The Go+ gets an analogue speedometer with digital MID

  • Gear Lever

    The gear-lever is dashboard mounted and is a five-speed unit

  • Cup Holders

    There are no cup holders anywhere in the cabin of the Go+

  • Glovebox

    The Go+ gets an open glovebox

  • Audio System

    The Go+ gets a docking station as standard which can play music via a auxiliary cable. The system is connected to two speakers on the front doors

  • Air Conditioner

    The Go+ gets the basic air-conditioning unit on all variants except the D and the D1. These variants are equipped with a blower and heater unit though

  • Arm Rests

    The Go+ does not get centre armrests anywhere, the front door panels have integrated armrests

  • Air Vents

    The MPV is equipped with four closable A/C vents on the dashboard

  • Seats

    The Go+ is a 5+2 seater. The front and second row seats are headrest integrated, the third row is best suited to seat two small children

  • Leg Room

    The leg-room is very good for the first and second row seats. The third row has very limited leg room

  • Knee Room

    The knee room is very good for the passengers in the first and second row, knee room for the third row passengers suffers because of the high floor

  • Shoulder Space

    The shoulder space is very good for passengers sitting on any row of the Go+

  • Head Room

    The headroom for passengers sitting in the first and second row is very good. The 3-row does not have enough head-room for adults because of a sloping roof

  • Steering Wheel

    The three-spoke steering wheel is large and good to hold. There are no steering mounted controls on any variant

  • Power Windows

    The front doors get power windows on the top-end T variant only

  • Keyless Entry

    Keyless entry in not offered as standard on the Go+

  • Driver Information Display

    A drive computer with readouts for the tachometer, instantaneous fuel economy, average fuel economy, distance to empty, fuel-warning, trip meter and fuel-guage is offered as standard in the instrument cluster


 The Datsun Go+ is a handsome looking car. The front is dominated by large head lamps, a large hexagonal grille with chrome surrounds and a nice-looking bumper. The hood features a subtle 'V', when looked at from dead-front, the Go+ looks lively. The side profile shows how well the portion beyond the rear doors has been integrated into the whole design. The small wheels and tyres do look out of place but the rest of the car looks well proportioned from the side. The blackened pillars give the car a premium look and two swooping body lines help break the mass of the car.The subtly flared wheel arches and an upward kink along the bottom of the side-doors help give the car character. At the rear the tail-lamps are large and look neat, the bumper is large and contoured, the rear-hatch is nicely designed too.


  • Front Design

    The Go+ gets large headlamps, a subtly contoured hood, stylised bumper and a gently raked front windshield

  • Rear Design

    The rear design is dominated by large multi-element tail-lamps. The bumper is large, the number-plate housing is on the tail-gate

  • Side Profile

    The side-profile of the Go+ is good. The MPV looks well proportioned, gets pull-type handles, large windows and a large quarter-glass

  • Ground Clearance

    The Go+ has a ground clearance of 170mm which is good enough for most bad roads in India

  • Bumpers

    The Go+ gets body coloured bumpers as standard on the A and T variants

  • Head Lamps

    The MPV gets large multi-reflector headlamps with integrated turn-indicators

  • Tail Lamps

    The Go+ gets large multi-element tail-lamps

  • Fog Lamps

    Fog lamps are not offered as standard on any variant of the Go+, they can be availed separately though

  • Tyres

    The Go+ gets 13-inch steel wheels shod with 155mm section tyres

  • Alloy Wheels

    The Go+ is not offered with alloy wheels as standard, 13-inch alloys are offered as accessories though

  • Outside Mirrors

    The MPV gets standard ORVMS with black covers and are only manually adjustable

  • Colors

    Five colour options are offered. Ruby, Gold, White, Silver and Grey

  • Rear Wiper

    The Go+ is not offered with a rear wiper, even as an option

  • Roof Rails

    Roof rails are not standard on any variant of the Go+, but can be had as an accessory

  • Sun Roof

    The Go+ is not offered with a sun-roof

  • Spoiler

    A rear-spoiler is offered as official accessory, it is not offered as standard on any variant

  • Side Steps

    Side steps are not offered and are not necessary for the Go+

  • Spare Wheel

    The spare wheel is placed under-the-body of the car under the third-row seats

Mileage Running Cost

 The 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol powering the Go+ has an official ARAI efficiency figure of 20.6 km/l, which is very good for a 7-seater MPV. The running costs of the MPV will be low, claims the company. The spare parts will be affordable and so will the service costs of the car, the only problem will be the there are not many service centers of the Datsun-Nissan-Renault group across the country.

Mileage Running Cost

  • Arai Rated Economy

    The ARAI rated efficiency figure for the Go+ is 20.6 km/l

  • Tank Range

    The Go+ gets a 35-litre tank and a projected range of 721 km

Comfort Suspension

 The Datsun Go+ sits on an extended platform of the Go hatchback. This adds around 20 Kg to the car and thus Datsun engineers have had to work on the rear suspension. The Go+ has a supple ride, the high-profile tyres along with long-travel suspension help the car tackle most road conditions very well. Though there is noticeable body-roll while cornering hard, the Go+ does not lose composure. The cabin is spacious and is best used as a 5-seater if all the passengers are adults, the 3rd row seats are best for small children only. All the seats are thinly cushioned but are comfortable. Flat seats do not help in twisty roads as you will find yourself sliding around. There is ample legroom, headroom, shoulder-room and knee-room for the first two rows of seats, the third row seating is hampered by a low-roof and a high-floor.

Comfort and Suspension

  • Comfort

    The Go+ is a very comfortable car, especially for passengers in the first two rows of seats. The seats are well-cushioned and ergonomic, there is good leg-,knee-,shoulder- and headroom

  • Front Suspension

    The Go+ gets McPherson struts at the front

  • Rear Suspension

    The rear suspension is an H-type torsion beam on the Go+

Engine Performance

 The Datsun Go+ is powered by the same 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine that powers the Go hatchback. It has a maximum power output of 68PS and a maximum torque of 104Nm. The engine is very peppy and loves to rev, the lower-end torque coupled with a peaky power output help the MPV pickup speed very well. The low overall weight of the car also helps with performance. The Go+ weighs about 800 kg, which is very light for a car this big. 

Engine Performance

  • Gearbox

    The Go+ gets a 5-speed transmission as standard, the gear-lever is easily reachable and has short throws but it does slot that easily

  • Power

    The 1.2-litre 3-cylinder petrol produces 68PS of maximum power

  • Torque

    The petrol engine in the Go+ produces 104Nm of maximum torque

  • NVH Levels

    The Go+ has good NVH levels. The engine is a bit noisy but the vibrations do not filter through to the cabin, the road and wind noise are also kept in check

Braking Safety

 The Datsun Go+ is surprisingly good to drive, especially because of the ride quality. The MPV can handle bad rods very well, but is because the rear suspension has been stiffened to take on the added weight of the extended body, it is also very good at high speeds and while taking corners. The Go+ has a supple ride, the suspension does not crash over harsh bumps and undulation do not upset it easily. The steering weighs up nicely at higher speeds and is light at city speeds, this gives the driver confidence in dense traffic as well as on high speed sections of the road. The brakes work nicely and the pedal feel is good

Brakes and Wheels

  • Handling

    The Go+ handles well at low speeds, high speeds and over broken tarmac or no tarmac

  • Braking Performance

    Braking performance of the Go+ is good for a car this size, helped by 22mm ventilated discs at the front

  • Safety Features

    The 'T' variant is offered with a driver-side airbag as an option. The other safety systems include seatbelts, high-visibility cabin, powerful headlamps, optional fog lamps etc

  • Abs

    ABS is not offered even as an option on the Go+

  • Traction Control

    Traction control is not offered even as an option on the Go+

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