Chevrolet Cruze

₹ 12.95 - 15.95 Lakh*
Ex-showroom price
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    Diesel Variants
    • LT
      1998 cc, Diesel, 17.9 kmpl
      ₹ 12.95 Lakh*
    • LTZ
      1998 cc, Diesel, 17.9 kmpl
      ₹ 14.95 Lakh*
    • 1998 cc, Diesel, 14.81 kmpl
      ₹ 15.95 Lakh*



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Cruze Color Options

  • Diamond White

  • Velvet Red

  • Switch Blade Silver

  • Sand Drift Grey

  • Caviar Black

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Available EMI options
(For 60 months with interest rate of 10.5% and down payment of ₹ 1.30 Lakh)
₹ 25,051 per month


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Chevrolet Cruze In News

Recall Alert - 22,000 Chevrolet Cruze Units Suffer Engine Stall Problem

Posted On | | 169

The Chevrolet Cruze, when it was launched here in 2009, received great reviews - the competition included Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta, Skoda Laura and Honda Civic. The Cruze's biggest USPs included the stonking 150PS/327Nm, 2.0-litre diesel-motor, great exterior quality, first-in-class features (keyless-entry-and-go, etc.), and very aggressive...Read Full News

GM helps Women Employees get 'SAFER'

Posted On | | 439

To enhance women safety, the American car maker has introduced an emergency assist device Rising women safety issues have triggered a number of companies to take actions for better regulations and implementation of in-house rules. One such example is GM India which has introduced an alarm device called SAFER for its women employees. With...Read Full News

Chevrolet recalls Cruze for replacing faulty drive shafts

Posted On | | 663

In one of the most spontaneous recalls ever, Chevrolet has once again silently recalled Cruze for replacing the faulty drive shafts in the affected units. All the units of Cruze, which have been manufactured in the duration of June 2009 and March 2011 fall under this voluntary recall. Even though the voluntary recalls are now considered a normal af...Read Full News

Chevrolet Cruze: best executive car in india

By Lovish Jain Posted on 14 Oct 09, 01:51 PM

Pros great looks,amazing price tag,comfort.all new style

Cons none!

hey guyz! i just got my hands on new chevy cruze and i was amazed after the ride! the cars heart is flawless and it wont bother to throw itself on ur demand. Powered by 2.0 ltrs diesel engine that produces 150 bhp is great. with all new masculine it demands second look from everyone on the road (thou it looks like civic from back but its front is just amazing and the shoulder line is mind blowing) The car feels great in interiors and is full of luxury. and to talk abt features u can just go on and go on. but few features that makes it different from other cars in this category is PUSH BUTTON START AUTO MATIC RAIN SENSORS ELECTRONIC GATE LOCKS ONE TOUCH ENGINE STOP HUGE DISPLAY SCREEN GREAT WHHEL BASE and all this come for a price tag of Rs 13.45 lacs on-road new delhi. it is the chevy diwali gift for all the people who are looking to buy a car in this range and also it has gifted sleepless nights to toyota and honda! sanchit!

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By PRABODH MEHTA Posted on 21 Aug 10, 03:54 PM

Pros looks good

Cons service is pathetic

I purchased a Chevrolet Cruze on 22 feb 2010 from DPM sales Deharadun, day I bought it I wanted LTZ model but dealer was very perticular in giving LT model as according to him LTZ was not available but 4 LTZ was standing in front of us. Reason we didn't want to puchase LT was, there was a bump(manufacturing defect) at the back of the car, but finally we bought that only because we didn't want to go empty handed. Well after all these things we were happy that we bought a nice car as so much of trust is there towards GM, that you seems to be one of the best manufacturers in the world. But within few days that car started showing its true colors, some noise started coming from it, It started fusing smoke from the back., etc... on 18/08/2010 first servicing of that car was done at (Virdajoyti, Meerut), after that I thought now it will run good, but within 2 days car stopped on the road and was not starting up,I was going for a very important meeting that I couldn't attend then immediately I called to Deharadun office they took my car to the service center and on 21/08/2010 they replied back saying servicing was not done properly and some sensor was not working. I told them how it can be possible one day back it is coming from service they replied we dont know. Then I called to your Delhi Customer care department, there I got a very fantastic answer saying that - "we dont know what happend and we can not do anything regarding that, it is a mechanical ploblem it can happen to any car it doesn't matter if it is coming from servicing, you do what ever you want I can not help it" I am in a shock after listening to all this and in back of my mind I am planning to gift this car to Chevrolet team for making me fool.... You all know from what you are going through and after all this If you behave like this I don't think so you people will exist in indian market for a long period. I hope you have some brains regarding customer relationship and if not then pack your bags and make fool of some other country citizens. Abhyudya Garg, S/O Mr.Rajesh Kumar garg 9986663531,9412210020 Car Number UK07 AD 4337

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By Krish Posted on 31 Jan 10, 09:57 AM

Pros Chvy CRUZ has great beauty, its very dashing and looking manly.

Cons suspention is beet hard

CRUZ make feel very safty when you are on overdrive. it is very comfortable for the driver and passangers both.

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Cruze - The Muscle Car Cometh!

By Unnikrishnan Posted on 31 Jan 10, 10:53 PM

Pros Great Looks, Strongest in (and above) class

Cons Pricing Conflict

The Cruze qualifies as an elite among beasts. Its got everything from good curves and bulked presence to roomy front interiors. Classical Chevy representation makes the car your sanctum sanctorum - you step in, power up the windows and you throw away the world. Floor the gas pedal and your scenery changes faster than your dreams could do it. The engine rarely utters beyond a purr when you hear it from within (behind rolled up windows).....lower a window and the 'bad boy' roar is all too apparent. Cruising a bend, it makes no lurch or squeals-adjusting to demands almost seamlessly. The mileage is a non-issue, clocking in at 11.5 kmpl making it a delight for the pocket. The power output is distinctly zippy, pouring power faster than most cars in its class. Could give ALL bigger boys a run for their money.....its not exactly the Laura (Skoda) but you'd hardly notice coz its the newest dream machine and has that "Broad shouldered" look that'd outshoulder ANYTHING that passes for a car on the roads as yet. BTW, some of the so-called UV wannabes (SUV and MUV) are pathetic underperformers too! Go buy it! Behave yourself when driving....being powerful doesn't mean being misbehaved! Honestly! ;-)

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Cruize a cruizer

By Sujit Kumar Posted on 19 May 10, 05:14 PM

Pros good

Cons car long

nice car but a bit long but not better than the honda accord

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By Ram Singh Posted on 19 Dec 11, 12:02 AM

Pros great looks, I am so happy that I bought this car

Cons no negative thinking in this car its best car

best car you have to buy is cruze. Its the best one Its a promise.

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Value for money

By Jayakumar Posted on 16 Jul 10, 08:58 AM

Pros One of the best, comfortable, feel safe

Cons A/c is ok types

I have sure gone for this one. Sheer beauty with power. Very light in driving. And, the cruise feature is smply awesome on highway. Fully loaded LTZ model is worth buying and best value for money! Happy driving!

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By Sibi Joseph Posted on 26 Jan 10, 04:27 PM

Pros dashinag car

Cons not spacicus

itneed to be more big in need to be patroland dieasl both. ijust loved this car.surly buy this car

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Chooze to Cruze

By Dakshina Murthy Posted on 14 Nov 10, 02:50 PM

Pros Agressive looks, powerful.

Cons No!

What they say is right, it is really a Diesel rocket!! But sometimes it makes very high pitched sound and sometimes a very little sound. Fuel economy is great.

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Disappointing result for Chevrolet cruze.

By Posted on 05 Sep 12, 11:09 PM

Pros It has really got a good looks but a very bad millage.

Cons very comfortable,nice interiors.

Really, Chevrolet Cruze has got a very nice looks but believe me, it had really disappoint me a lot in the matter of fuel consumption. The company it self promised me that the car would show a minimum of 14kml (city) and 18kml(Highway). You will surprise to hear that my Chevrolet Cruze has got an awesome millage of 4.8kmL(city) like Bhubaneswar.

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