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On auto gear, the car is not all that peppy in slow traffic, but never the less, no lag, no jerks, all smooth. It took me almost a year to figure out how it transforms into a beast when put into manual mode. Initially it was hair raising, unfortunately the roads in Bangalore are pathetic, and the traffic worse. A great highway car, solid at any speeds, great braking an cornering is a delight. The seats are firm and hug you well. Being medium height, I sometimes wish the seat were higher. Sound system is decent, decor is above average, but not as plush as some rivals, but performance of a similar class vehicle cannot be compared with a Beemer. The only niggle is that at times I get a feedback noise from the suspension on bad roads.

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  • O
    Om Jun 22, 2017
    sexy 3 series finally comes home

    Finally my baby comes home. What a lovely car. I got mine in black. My wife totally loves me for getting this beauty home. It is so comfortable and has a great appeal. The design is so modern and sporty. One of the best luxury sedan in the market. I thought of Audi but the BMW brand always appealed to Read More

  • R
    Rajesh Jun 22, 2017
    Convertible is cool, but had some issue

    I was on a drive on weekend and it rained. But the mechanism to bring up the roof didn't work. Ultimately i got soaked, the interiors got wet, my laptop stopped working and my phone screwed up. However, BMW did fix up the problem which was related to a fuse apparently. But it was a difficult moment for me. But Read More

  • P
    Prerna Jun 22, 2017
    Driver's Delight

    The 3 Series 2 litre diesel is an absolute delight to drive. One of the primary reason I bought it was for this. The engine is punchy, quick and the response of the car is phenomenal. Its quick to change lanes in the city and speeds like a demon on the highway. I mostly drive the car alone. The interiors Read More

  • S
    Sameer Jun 22, 2017
    Bmw 3 series

    Overall an excellent car except for the suspension Very stable at high speed Excellent pick up Read More

  • A
    Amar Jun 22, 2017
    No words to praise their effort put to bring the 3 series alive!!! D D D

    This car is simply awesome!!! Being a die-hard fan of bmw I am priviledged to write this review about the mighty beast or beautiful princess.It a masterpeice of engineeing and technology put together and brought out in the form of the 3 series. Read More

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