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By hemang solanki Posted on 19 Nov 14 at 09:18 am

Pros Great Interiors,

Cons Average Fuel Efficiency,

i like audi A4.its a killer machine that i ever seen & drive. its comfortable and classic model,A4 have a very attractive look.

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By Abhijeet Ullal Posted on 29 Mar 14 at 11:43 am

Pros Good Performance,

Cons ,none

The quattro is such a rocking car. I have so much fun driving my A4 on the highway. I drove from Bangalore to Hyderabad and touch 240kmph. What a beast of a machine. I had a Skoda superb and then I upgraded to this car but now i am in love with Audi performance. The service is good but pricey but that's normal for luxury brand i am sure. Other than that excellent car, great interiors and luxury.

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By Vedraj Posted on 14 Mar 14 at 10:58 am

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Fuel Efficiency,Comfort,

Cons ,Ground clearence

Audi knows the tastes of Indian customers and has been making cars that suit us very well. First of all the LED headlights look very nice, like Ironman and they are my favourite. The rest of the car looks very good too with crisp design lines that give it a very clean and attractive design. I also like the subtle nature of its design that makes it look like a very elegant sedan. No big curves and badges, just smooth flowing likes. The Audi A4 also has better interiors than the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes Benz C Class with nice leather quality, two tone cabin and everything feels luxurious and expensive unlike the other two cars. I say this because the C-Class has dull black interiors while all BMWs have the same dashboard. Performance is good in the Audi A4 for the diesel model which I have. I enjoy driving it in every kind of road and have traveled very long distances too. The suspension is very comfortable and is responsive to quick direction changes. The only problem is ground clearance as some bad roads can hit the bottom of the car and you have to be very careful at times.

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By Sridhar Posted on 10 Mar 14 at 11:56 pm

Pros Great Looks,Good Performance,Great Interiors,Comfort,

Cons ,Couldn't find

This is the best, cheapest premium sedan that you can purchase in India. This is a pure work of art and i am totally impressed with it. Pure elegance is seen from any way or direction you look at the car. The car is stunning and looks calm and composed. Step inside the car and interiors are top notch , feel and fabric is superb. Switch the ignition on and just let the engine roar the car handles very well and takes turns swiftly. The car in all aspect is perfect. And no glitches at all that i could find

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By Alind Mishra Posted on 25 Sep 13 at 12:21 pm

Pros Great Looks,Great Interiors,

Cons ,None that i could think of..

One of the best machines that I have driven. Was planning to buy BMW but now i think i made a great decision going with an AUDI. Specially the sports mode turns the machine into a beast. Just love driving my car. The after sales services are also too good and they assist you at every step. Feels as if everything is made with precision. I find no flaws in it. I also really enjoy the audio system. Its mind blowing. In the end i would say i am a PROUD owner of an Audi.

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By Karunesh Posted on 12 Feb 12 at 09:55 am

Pros good mileage

Cons full comfortable

i also wish that i can buy this car when i earn a lot my desire is big and i have to do a lot of hardwork so i can buy this....... awsm.

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By sunil Posted on 13 Apr 10 at 02:28 pm




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By SAI KRISHNA Posted on 09 Dec 09 at 10:16 pm

Pros great look

Cons less comfortable

i like this car very much.s a great look.and it is stylish.

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By Ankush Posted on 26 Oct 09 at 10:46 pm

Pros gr8 looks, gr8 features, gr8 performance

Cons Average fuel economy

Audi A4 is a much better car than BMW 3s. It not only has more features ( auto-hold brake, auto-handbrake, front parking sensors, quattro - all-wheel-drive, etc. ) , powerful engine ( 3.2L, 265 BHP, 0-100km/h in 6.1 sec.) as compared to BMW ( 1.8L, around 170 BHP, o-100km/h in 8sec.)....also has daytime running LEDs... truly awesome car-AUDI A4...

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By s Posted on 21 Oct 09 at 03:17 pm

Pros Awesome features & Super sharp styling & Sound System...

Cons Poor mileage but totally worth it!

There's nothing I look forward to more than to get behind the wheel of this awesome piece of machinery. Looks are young and sharp! With the daytime LEDs stealing the attention no matter the venue... Drive Select is superb - get the smooth comfort of Merc & the tight sports handling of a Beamer all at the flick of a switch. By far the best feature for city driving & traffic is the Break Assist - so no need to keep your foot on the breaks any more in traffic or at a red light. The B&O Sound System is 'killer'!!! Only 3 things to watch out for - 1st poor mileage, but worth the compromise for effortless power @ 260 BHP!!! 2nd - it's a very low car so be aware of road conditions and speed breakers & 3rd, be careful for the blind spot! Nothing comes so close to perfection!!!

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