Top speed of high end Volvo and Mercedes buses in India?

Published On May 12, 2012 By at Gaadi

Mercedes Volvo top speed

The next generation luxury buses from manufacturers like Volvo and Mercedes Benz have changed the way we Indians looked at bus travel in India. Not only do these buses offer supreme comfort and luxury features, they have powerful engines that finally do justice to the brilliant highways these buses run on.

With these new age Volvo and Mercedes buses in India, travel time between cities has reduced considerably. The 1000km Mumbai - Bangalore route for example used to be done in 24 hours via normal Indian buses - these do the same in just 18 hours, even beating the fastest of trains. So, what exactly is the top speed of these buses? No matter what the companies may claim, it is pretty much evident that these buses can easily cross 120km/h and hold speeds as high as 130km/h!

This is a video that was shot two years back by me while I was in Pune. The bus in the video is a Mercedes Benz Tri axle model and the location is the Mumbai-Pune expressway. The video clearly shows the bus doing speeds of 125-130km/h! Mind you, the chassis and braking system is modern and advanced which means the danger levels are very low as compared to a conventional Indian bus at 90-100km/h.

The video has already received no less than 1.8 lakh views - enjoy it and do leave some feedback!

[youtube 16BGwDs92Hg]

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