The Audi A4 Allroad makes its RHD debut

  • Mar 30, 2016
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Audi has recently revealed the right hand drive version of the A4 Allroad for UK markets. What's new is the fact that the A4 Allroad gets the ultra quattro tech which is a first for any Audi. The ultra quattro will be offered with the 2.0-litre TFSI engined model, that churns out 252PS. There are three other TDI models of the A4 Allroad that can be bought. This new tech offers better fuel efficiency. The reason being that the electronics deactivate the AWD when not required. The car does this by using a networked sensor that communicates with the multi-plate clutch and an integrated de-coupler on the rear axle. This also gives the A4 Allroad to switch the quattro AWD system in less than a split second should the conditions demand it. The system is so intelligent that every ten milliseconds, it acquires and analyses a wide variety of data, such as steering angle, lateral and longitudinal acceleration and engine torque to name just a few. If it determines that quattro assistance would be beneficial, activation of the all-wheel drive system follows a three-stage strategy: proactive, predictive and reactive. Also, the ultra quattro system is 4kg lighter than the normal quattro system in use on other Audi models.

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The quattro on the two diesel engine variants have a centre differential which is self locking. During normal driving operation, the self-locking centre differential distributes the power asymmetrically, with 60 per cent flowing to the rear axle and 40 per cent to the front axle. This increases to a maximum of 70 per cent up front and 85 per cent to the rear when required. Also, the A4 Allroad gets an extra 34mm of ground clearance over the standard A4 Avant. The Allroad models also get underbody guard to tackle those odd patches of dirt and trail which might be a bother for some. The A4 Allroad gets all the bells and whistles that are available on the A4 sedan and the A4 Avant.

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One of the standout features on the A4 Allroad is the adaptive cruise control with traffic assist. So, if the driver activates this system then the car can accelerate, brake and steer without any inputs from the driver till speeds of 60kmph. Audi will begin the deliveries of the A4 Allroad to customers starting from June 2016.

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