Tesla Upgrades Model S with Free Titanium Shields to Prevent Fire!

  • Apr 01, 2014

Tesla Model S has been in the news lately due to a fire issue surrounding two Tesla cars. Following the reports of two cars catching fire due to on-road debris that struck the underbelly of the car, Tesla has decided to upgrade the Model S with free Titanium Shields to prevent any fire. Model S is one of the most best electric cars in the world built by highly acclaimed electric car maker ‘Tesla’.


The American company later sent firmware upgrades which made the car rise up a little to avoid any such instances. But even this is insufficient to protect the underside of the car incase it is struck by something as hard as a block of concrete or metal. But now, Tesla is offering new substantial solution to this issue by providing superior upgrade at no cost to the current Tesla Model S owners.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, “All Model S EVs built after 6th of March 2014 have a stronger Triple under-body shield that brings the risk of the car catching fire down to virtually zero. He further adds in a release sent by Tesla that the company has conducted 152 tests to ensure that nothing breaks through. Concrete blocks, hard steel structures with sharpened edges that could slice through were set in ideal positions during the tests to determine the damage from impact. However, the new shield is capable of holding through this abuse without any issues so far.

The following images are from the tests that Tesla conducted and you can clearly see that they are able to protect the car in the event of an impact and ensure that nothing gets through the barrier to cause any kind of damage, let alone result in a fire that can engulf the car and cause any harm to the passengers.

Three Ball Tow Hitch:


Concrete Block:




What is so good about this move from Tesla is that any Model S owner who wants this shield will get it fitted on their car for free! Even if a customer does not demand fitting these, they will be taken care of by Tesla whenever the car comes in for a service. There are layers to the shield and they include a hollow aluminium bar which is rounded along with a titanium plate for rigidity and solid aluminium extrusion that is set at a shallow angle. And because they are set under the car, they do not affect the ride and handling dynamics of the car either. We think this is a great move by Tesla as it reinforces a customer’s trust in the brand, if only other manufacturers would follow suit sometimes. Stay tuned to for updates from Tesla.

Watch the video of the Tesla Model S


Image Credits: Tesla / Respective Trademarks


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