Tesla expands its 'Supercharger' network in UK

  • Aug 14, 2014
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US based car manufacturer, Tesla, is known for its pathbreaking technology and design in the field of electric vehicles. The brand invests heavily in the research & development of its cars, while at the same time working on new ways to encourage customers into purchasing the brand’s electric vehicles. In a bid to woo future or current Tesla Model S owners, Tesla runs a ‘free-fuel-for-life’ campaign across international markets called ‘Supercharger’ network.

First off, the ‘Supercharger’ we talk of here should not be confused with the forced induction system seen on high-end performance cars. Instead, in Tesla’s terminology, a ‘Supercharger’ location is a fast-charging point that allows a refill of the car’s batteries to as much as 50 per cent in a claimed time of 20 minutes. The concept behind is to allow its consumers to travel the length and breadth of the country without having to worry about the fuel costs or the limited range that electric vehicles suffer from. In the US, Tesla has a coast-to-coast network of about 71 Supercharger stations that covers almost 80 per cent of the population. The company plans to expand its coverage to 98 per cent by the end of 2015. The brand is rapidly expanding its network outside the US too as it has recently added two new Supercharger locations in London and Birmingham for the Tesla Model S owners in the UK.

[caption id="attachment_68085" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Tesla Model S batteries can be charged to 50 per cen of its capacity in just 20 minutes Tesla Model S batteries can be charged to 50 per cent of its capacity in just 20 minutes[/caption]

Tesla has joined hands with the Hyatt hotel group in the UK, which will be serving Tesla Model S customers with fast-charging points through their facilities in these two locations. The Hyatt Regency London’s Supercharger point is located in the hotel car park and any Tesla Model S owner can enter and charge their vehicle for up to an hour without having to worry about the parking charges.


[caption id="attachment_68086" align="alignnone" width="745"]Tesla Model S Supercharger location in a parking lot at UK Tesla Model S Supercharger location in a parking lot at UK[/caption]

Commenting on the occasion, Georg Ell, country director, Tesla UK, said, “This Birmingham location signifies our first move out of London in recognition of the fantastic support in the area. We will open a store in coming months offer Midlands-based Model S owners a convenient local service.”

“Both Hyatt Regency hotels offer a great base for Model S owners whilst charging. With everything from bars and restaurants through to business centres and gym facilities there is plenty to keep you occupied for your 30 minute charge.” he further added.

The Model S was introduced in June 2012 by Tesla motors, and over the time it has become one of the fastest selling electric cars in the world. The Tesla Model S is available in 2 powertrain choices globally, with either a 60kWh (367PS) or 85kWh (422PS) motor. In 2013, the Tesla Model S surpassed 25,000 sales mark and was also being awarded with the World Green Car of the Year award in the same year.


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