Tata Motors to kill Indica, Sumo Spacio?

Published On April 04, 2012 By at Gaadi


Could this be the end of the road for Tata Motor's first passenger car and our very own 'More car per car'? According to 'The Economic Times' Tata Motors could pull the plug on two of its original models; the Indica hatchback and Sumo Spacio. Senior management at the company is thinking of phasing out the Indica as demand for the model has been slowing down every passing month. The Indica has been around for the last 14 years and is currently very popular with cab-operators.

Tata Motors could replace the ageing model with the Vista if the Indica is shown the doors. The other model that might be phased out as a result of a slump in demand is the Sumo Spacio. The Sumo Spacio had been launched with the engine out of the Tata 407 mini-truck. This workhorse of a machine had become more popular in the rural market thanks to its rough-n-tough construction. Although the utility vehicle was based on a ladder-on-frame construction it was exactly what the target audience wanted.

Finally, the Indigo Marina estate which never actually caught the attention of the Indian buyer might also be on the hit list of the Tata Motors management. Estates aren't exactly popular in India and Tata Motors' move to continue the model would only raise more eyebrows.