Tata Motors replacing faulty suspension component on the Manza

Published On April 04, 2012 By at Gaadi

 Tata Motors is replacing a small plastic part on their mid-sized sedan- Manza's suspension. However, the company maintains that it is not a recall even though they are replacing the faulty component free of cost. The car maker is replacing what is called- the anti-roll bar bush which is changed when a car arrives for service. That said, Tata also maintain that no untoward incident has been recorded as of yet and that they aren't aware of any complaint from their customers.

Of course, recalls hurt the reputation of car makers badly and there's no better example than Toyota. Toyota has had a tough year in the United States where their cars were recalled in huge numbers for faulty accelerator pedals. That said, a Tata Motors official said that all the Manza's they've sold to date will receive the new part.

"We are replacing a plastic component called anti-roll bar bush which is connected to the suspension of the car. I am not aware of any complaint from customers and we are replacing it free of cost," a Tata Motors spokesperson said. "We are not recalling the Manzas. We are just changing the part as and when the cars are brought to the service centres by customers," he added.