Supercar of the Month - Pininfarina Battista

  • Mar 26, 2019

This month we are featuring a very special car in this section, the Pininfarina Battista. It is not only special for one or two, but three reasons. Number one is pretty straight forward. It is an electric hypercar. Two, it will carry the Pininfarina badge, a first for the Italian design house which has till now only designed cars for other manufacturers. And third, the most important reason of all - Pininfarina is owned by Mahindra so we can take pride in the Battista’s Indian connection.

It is named after Pininfarina’s founder, Battista Farina and was revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. This is the first time Pininfarina has built an electric hypercar, or for that matter, any car, entirely by itself. To be fair though, the batteries are from Rimac and have been optimised with help from Mahindra's Formula E team.

When it comes to numbers, you have 1900PS of power and 2300Nm of torque which help it clock the 0-100kmph sprint in less than two seconds. That is faster than a Formula 1 car! If that was not enough, it can do speeds in excess of 400kmph. And if you are worried about the range since it’s an electric car, Pininfarina says it will have a range of over 480km. For all this, be ready to shell out in the region of $2 million to $2.5 million. And that is before any options.

It will be super exclusive too, with only 150 units to be made. Fifty of these have been reserved for the North American market, fifty for the European market and fifty for the Middle East and Asia.

Pininfarina will spend a year perfecting the car and fine-tuning its dynamics before it starts delivering it to customers from late 2020. If you are interested in buying this car, register your interest on Pininfarina’s website and they will get in touch with you once you have filled out a simple form.


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