Super Car Of The Month - Bugatti Centodieci

  • Aug 21, 2019

We all know who Bugatti is. They are the carmaker from France who has been hell bent on reaching top speed milestones first in the 21st century. The brand has never strayed from its history, building beautiful cars that also go fast and their latest, the Centodieci, is no different.


It is based on the EB110, a mid-engined sports that was manufactured by the French carmaker in the early 90s. And by based on, I mean the design. Several design cues in the Centodieci are straight out of the EB110. The front fascia reminds one of the 90’s sports cars which were the stuff of wet dreams for many American collectors. Then the holes behind the side windows and finally that those jagged-edged lights at the rear -- it's all reminiscent of the EB110.


The technology is all new however. It is based on the Chiron's platform, and also uses the same 8.0-litre quad-turbo engine that is present in the Chiron. The Bugatti engineers faced a lot of challenges in marrying the EB110’s design with the Chiron's technology.


Coming to the numbers, the Centodieci makes 1600PS, 100 more than the Chiron. It is limited to a top speed of 236kmph and only 10 will be made - yes you read that right. The price, well be ready to shell out $8.9 million. That roughly translates to 64 crores.


If you are looking to buy, well, get something else. The 10 that Bugatti will be making are already sold out. Deliveries of the Centodieci will begin in 2022.


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