Porsche's Cayman S Black edition

Published On May 19, 2011 By at Gaadi
The latest launch by Porsche, Cayman S black happens to be a limited edition launch with enhanced looks and 'breath taking beauty'  in comparison to its previous version of the regular Cayman S.

Priced at 75.45 lakh this limited edition has grabbed the attention of auto enthusiasts for sure.

Black seems to be the recent favorite of Porsche, and why not … it surely makes the car look all the more desirable. After recently launching Venerable 911 and boxster in black Porsche has come out with this black beauty in the market.

Porsche S Black cayman

Cayman S black edition comes with a special mid-engined coupe, and only 500 units are released in market as of now, and its not just killer looks but a powerful engine, improved performance and enhanced equipment specification which makes it all the more 'must have'.

Though the name is enough to speak for itself, but the car comes with 3.4 liter, six cylinder boxer engine delivering a whooping 330hp at 7400rpm, which is 10 hp more then its standard cayman s version. Though the torque – 370Nm at 4750rpm is same in both the cars.

And when you think that is enough there is more packed into this machine, it jumps from 0 to 100 km/h

in a fraction of 5.1 seconds when one switches the cogs with the 6 speed manual transmission, whereas it just takes 5 seconds if you go with the cutting edge PDK (Porsche Doppel kupplungsgetriebe), all due to a higher horse power that goes in its engine ! Both the figures happens to be 1/10th of a second faster then the previous Cayman S, not just this but with the black in alliance with the sports chrono package boosts the launch control time to as less as just 4.8 seconds. Besides the engine capability there is more, coming to the speed of this S Black Cayman, it is higher by 2Km/h giving a dash of 279Km/h – manual box and 277km/h – PDK.

Similar to the Porsche boxster, the Cayman S black sports a spyder wheel with a 19 inch diameter which are more wide and big then the standard Cayman, giving the user a freedom of using 235/35 ZR 19s tyres at the front and 235/35 ZR 19s tyres for the rear figuratively speaking. Also it helps in the long run giving the car a straight line drive and better steering control. Other features include:

·BI xenon headlights.

·Dynamic cornering lights.

·LED day time lights.

·Anti dazzle interior and exterior mirrors.

·Rain sensors.

·Black interiors (leather seat covers in front, dashboard trim, gear lever etc)

·sound package plus.

·Infotainment system (controlled by PCM)

·navigation module

Porsche S black cayman logo

The door entry guard is stamped with 'Black Edition' in stainless steel on it, the glove compartment bears the Porsche Badge clearly stating the limited edition title. Besides these there a few customization made keeping in  mind the Indian market.