Porsche to launch Panamera in India in October’09

Published On July 30, 2009 By at Gaadi
Since the sales of Porsche has been going down across the markets of Europe and North America, the company is planning for new markets in countries like India and China with an intention to maintain its future growth. With Precision Cars India, the German sports car producer plans to build up its sales in India and it is to beat the decreasing sales trend.

porsche panamera

The company is setting up to sell 50 units of Panamera, its premium opulent sedan that is anticipated to step into  the Indian markets in the first week of the October month, as per the reports from media.

Panamera is the first sports car from Porsche with four doors and it is also identified as Gran Turismo. Adding, it was revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show 2009. In India the price is of Rs1.4 crore to Rs2 crore for the car’s top versions with a V8 power unit and luxurious features. Also 13 units of the car has been reserved.

Porsche has a very less existence in India with the dealerships in Mumbai and Delhi. The company has plans to broaden the dealership to 11 over the period of two-three years with three more dealership stores to be made in Chennai, Hyderabad and Cochin, said Porsche.