Nokia announces NAVTEQ Location and Commerce unit for India.

Published On May 04, 2012 By at Gaadi

Nokia today announced that its Location & Commerce unit is now offering expanded NAVTEQ Map coverage of India, having increased its India map by over 80% to 4,200+ cities in two quarters.

In addition to the numerous road attributes (such as direction of travel (one-ways), number of lanes and turn restrictions) provided within the map, the NAVTEQ Map can be enriched with a robust portfolio of advanced map content to guide drivers through the unique demands of India driving. These include:

NAVTEQ Traffic Pro Real-Time Traffic Service: Recently launched in India, NAVTEQ Traffic Pro® delivers detailed information about traffic speeds on motorways, main and secondary roads to enable more accurate estimated arrival times. This service is currently available in Delhi and Mumbai.

Visual Content Portfolio: Some visual content highlights include Motorway Junction Objects, Sign-as-Real, Enhanced Junction Views and 3D Landmarks, and they are currently available in over 25 cities in India. NAVTEQ Natural Guidance™:  It will  guide users through vivid descriptions of static orientation points, such as distinctive landmarks and other contextual elements such as traffic lights.

NAVTEQ Voice™: The map can be further enriched with voice products that enable audible guidance cues available in Hindi, Gujrati and Tamil, giving customers a more intuitive navigation experience.

"Use of navigation systems and location-based applications are growing exponentially in India. This coverage expansion which includes over 1.28 million kilometers of road network and 6.25 million Points of Interest represents our ongoing commitment to India. Providing our Indian customers with the highest quality maps, combined with the advanced content consumers are demanding allows them to capitalize on the opportunities that this market growth brings." said Tarun Harnathka, Director of Map and Content, Indian Subcontinent, Nokia, Location & Commerce.