New Honda Brio Spotted At A Dealership

  • Sep 06, 2016
[caption id="attachment_105323" align="aligncenter" width="650"]New Honda Brio Spotted At A Dealership New Honda Brio Spotted At A Dealership[/caption]

A new Honda Brio with the facelifted design was recently spotted at an Indian dealership. The car was seen carrying some changes to the exterior but the most important changes were spotted on the insides.

The all-glass boot lid didn't impress a lot of consumers in the Indian market and many thought that it looked cartoonish. Unfortunately, that was still present on the new car.

[caption id="attachment_105325" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Interiors Are Now All-Black And Look Far More Modern Interiors Are Now All-Black And Look Far More Modern[/caption]

On the old car, the interiors and the dashboard design were functional but definitely not awe-inspiring. That is about to change with the new Brio as it is going to borrow the updated dashboard layout from the Amaze. Instead of the dual-tone colour scheme, the Brio is going for the all-black shade.

The new one looks thoroughly modern with straight lines across the board giving it a more mature appearance. The music system also wears an updated pattern and underneath, the presence of climate control cannot be ignored.

[caption id="attachment_105327" align="aligncenter" width="650"]All-Glass Hatch Isn't A Favourite Among Indian Consumers All-Glass Hatch Isn't A Favourite Among Indian Consumers[/caption]

The car seen here is wearing the VX badge but a few spots for switches on the right of the dash are still left unused. These spots could be seen with their respective controls when the time comes for a refresh. One of them seems to be reserved for the push button start suggesting the possibility of keyless entry at a later stage.

Also, the music system doesn't get a touchscreen, which is offered by many manufacturers lately. This is another feature that could be reserved for either a special edition or a mid-life refresh later. Steering-mounted call controls are also missing. The presence of a front armrest cannot be confirmed and it could be reserved only for the sedan to differentiate from the hatchback.

[caption id="attachment_105324" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Front End Has Lost The Chrome And Gone For The Piano-Black Grill Front End Has Piano-Black Grill With Only A Touch Of Chrome[/caption]

Rumoured suggest that the smallest Honda could also lose the 5-speed torque converter automatic in favour of a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The new kit is not only mechanically simpler and modern but also very fuel efficient; a criterion that never goes unnoticed by Indian consumers.

The current-gen Honda City, Jazz and the recently-updated Amaze also have gone for the CVT for its simplicity and fuel-sipping properties.

[caption id="attachment_105326" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Overall Profile Is Retained Overall Profile Is Retained[/caption]

What could be the headline with the launch of the new Brio is the addition of an oil-burner to the lineup. Honda is reportedly testing a 3-cylinder version of its 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel engine to power the Brio.

If we do see this engine launched with the new Brio, expect it to have 1125cc of displacement with a good ~75PS of power and a useable ~175Nm of torque. We can also expect to see that torque low, down in the rev range making it very easy to potter around town in the diesel-powered Brio. This will also allow Honda to position the Amaze as a premium alternative rather than being just a Brio with a bigger boot.

Stay tuned for more info and insights.

Source: IndianAutosBlog

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