Maruti Suzuki Ertiga records over 40,000 bookings since launch

Published On May 21, 2012 By for Force MPV at Gaadi

India is market where ‘Value for Money’ products steal the show without much effort and in the time when compact MPVs are gaining attention from conscious Indian buyers, Maruti’s Ertiga has silently piled up more than 40,000 bookings against its name.

Ertiga 40000 bookings
The popularity of Ertiga and with the huge booking tagging its name, Maruti’s typically long waiting period is now standard with the vehicle when you book it. One of the main reasons behind the jacked up bookings for the Ertiga is the price tag it comes with, offering same wheelbase as Innova and almost the same space as Innova. Many prospective customers of other MPVs present in market may drift towards the Ertiga which has an asking price way lower than the other vehicles in the same segment.

Maruti Suzuki launched the MPV in 1.4 K-series petrol engine which produces 94 bhp and 1.3 liter Multi-jet diesel which churns out 90 bhp of power. MSI announced the introductory price at the time of launch to attract the customers, the petrol base started from Rs. 5.89 lakhs while the diesel base starting price is Rs. 7.30 lakh.