Mahindra To Bring 3 High-Performance Electric Vehicles

  • Dec 08, 2017

The three high-performance EVs will arrive in the next 2-3 years


At a recent conference, Mahesh Babu, CEO of Mahindra Electric spilt the beans about its upcoming electric cars. This time around, Mahindra will launch the cars with impressive performance and long range. Babu confirmed that Mahindra the three cars will have a 0-100kmph acceleration figure of 9, 10 and 11 seconds. Even the slowest of these options has an acceleration figure similar to that of the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI.

The range will be equally impressive as the three cars would cover 250km, 300km and 350km on a single charge. That should keep the range anxiety out of the equation for most prospective buyers. Prices, however, will be high as the lithium-ion batteries are still quite expensive.

Mahindra eVerito Launched at Rs 9.5 lakh

While addressing the gathering, Mahesh Babu said, "We will have three new products which will be high-performance ones. India surprisingly took a very bold step declaring what would happen by 2030... that changed the scenario in the last six months."

On one hand, Mahindra makes the greenest cars and on the other, it's known for making big burly SUVs and utility vehicles. So far, Mahindra hasn't had any competition in the electric passenger car segment. But the high initial cost, limited range and lack of charging infrastructure have been the big hurdles keeping buyers from joining Team Green.



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