'LUV' defined differently by Maruti and Mahindra

Published On April 17, 2012 By at Gaadi

It’s a LUV war, indeed! It seems like Maruti drew a bit tad inspiration from Mahindra owned Korean firm, Ssyangyong Motor’s launch ‘Actyon Sports’ which the Korean firm described as first LUV (Leisure Utility Vehicle) or maybe, Maruti Suzuki didn’t took notice of the already present category in Korea and decided to put Ertiga in ‘LUV’ category, which they described as ‘Life Utility Vehicle’.
The automobile market is already overcrowded with dozens of segments, vehicles and categories and many manufacturers are playing new segment games to attract the already confused customers.

Actyon Sports
While the Korean LUV was being launched, Ssyangyong Motor Co compared the vehicle as ‘the perfect vehicle for outdoor life’ and said, "Considering the dramatic responded to the needs of the customers who enjoy leisure activities".
The in debt SMC was saved by Indian firm Mahindra and Mahindra and immediately after the event, SMC made the Actyon Sports its flagship model.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
Back in India a new type of ‘LUV’ was introduced by MSI with the Ertiga. Explaining why the company needed to fall for LUV, MSI Managing Director and CEO Shinzo offers more utility. These families are currently having to compromise, and settle for a vehicle which does not meet their lifestyle.”
The two LUV tagged vehicles from different countries might never face each other as M&M President scrapped any plans to launch their LUV in India.