Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder Launched At Rs 3.45 Crore

  • Feb 01, 2017
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The company responsible for inducing love for cars among teenagers with nothing but posters has launched the Huracan RWD Spyder at Rs 3.45 crore (ex-showroom Delhi). The RWD Spyder was the only variant of the sportscar that wasn’t offered in India yet. The Huracan, meaning hurricane, was otherwise available in India as a Coupe, RWD Coupe, Spyder and Avio.

The low-slung sportscar is powered by a 5.2-litre V10 that sends 610PS of power and 560Nm of torque to all four wheels. In the case of a rear-wheel drive variant like the newly launched RWD Spyder, it sends 580PS of power and 540Nm of torque to the rear wheels only. The 7-speed dual clutch transmission remains untouched regardless of what variant of Huracan you go for.

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Because of the varying power output of the two classes of Huracan, there’s a small difference in their sprinting times as well. The all-wheel drive variants with a hard top do 0-100kmph in 3.2 seconds, 0-200kmph in 9.9 seconds and touch a top speed of 325kmph. The added weight of accommodating an electronically retractable roof adds 0.2 seconds to the Spyder’s 0-100kmph time and 0.3 seconds to its 0-200kmph time while barely affecting its top speed.

The RWD Spyder, being a rear-wheel drive model, takes 3.6 seconds to reach 100kmph and 10.4 seconds to touch the 200kmph mark. They also top out 6kmph sooner than the all-wheel drive models.

The car comes with three driving modes, namely, Strada, Corsa and Sport. The Strada setting makes driving the Huracan comfortable on public roads. The Corsa mode makes the car sharper while the electronics intervene only to help you deliver your best lap times. The Sport mode lets you exploit the RWD nature so you can get the tail out for drifting. Electronic nanny sits on the backseat in this mode and steps in only if things start to get way out of control.

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What also helps the RWD Spyder deliver a slightly better ride on public roads is its slightly taller sidewall on the tyres. It employs 19-inch wheels instead of the 20-inch set used in the all-wheel drive variants. However, the width of the tyre remains the same; 245-section at the front and 305-section at the back.

Driving with the top down is a great way to enjoy a sportscar around twisties while being in sync with Mother Nature. When you get back to the city, the sound and heat insulating soft-top can be extended again. Pushing a button in the dash activates the electronic retraction, which works at speeds of up to 50kmph.

The Huracan range starts at Rs 2.99 crore with the RWD Coupe and goes as high as Rs 3.89 crore, which gets you the Spyder. The RWD Spyder sits in the middle with its tag of Rs 3.45 crore, which is just Rs 2 lakh more than the Coupe’s.

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