Honda\'s stall to have wide range of products at Auto Expo including BR-V

  • Jan 21, 2016
Honda is going to showcase a lot of products at the Auto Expo. With respect to individual consumers in India, the list will include products Honda currently offers in the market, future models that will join the company's portfolio here, models which will be present to gauge the market and pure concepts.

Honda's current lineup

This category will include all that's on sale in India through Honda's partner dealerships. Brio, Jazz, Amaze, City, Mobilio and CR-V will be part of the list and displayed at the Auto Expo.

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Confirmed future products

BR-V is the most anticipated vehicle from Honda's stable. This SUV will be more than four-metres in length with space to seat seven passengers. It'll compete against the Hyundai Creta and Mahindra XUV500. The BR-V brings Honda's reliability to match Creta and seven seats to equal XUV500. Its face wears a lot of chrome and we hope it's toned down before the official launch in India.

We've already driven the India-bound BR-V and you can check our first-drive impressions at this link.

The BR-V will be offered with petrol as well as diesel engine options borrowed from the City. The petrol variant will also come with optional CVT automatic.

[caption id="attachment_86667" align="alignnone" width="1024"]2016 Honda BR-V 2016 Honda BR-V[/caption]

Production concepts

This lineup consists of cars which will not be launched at the Auto Expo, but will be on display to gauge public interest in them - a good reception may pave the road for the formal introduction of these models here.

Jazz Racing Concept: This car is most likely going to be just a sticker job on top of the Jazz already on sale, like the Mobilio RS.

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Accord: Honda's luxury car for the back-benchers had been discontinued due to poor sales but the Accord might make a come back if Honda registers enough interest in the barge.

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Pure concepts

Project 2&4: If you've wondered what it'd look like if a motorcycle's engine was bolted on four-wheel frame of a Formula 1 race car, you will have the answer soon. The Project 2&4 is Honda's Formula 1 car concept that'll use the V4 engine from Honda's road-legal RC213V sportsbike.

[caption id="attachment_91411" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Project 2&4 Project 2&4[/caption]

In the bike, the engine produces a maximum power of 159 PS at 11,000 RPM in the Euro-spec variant and 215 PS at 13,000 RPM with the sports kit. The engine is a liquid-cooled 999cc V4 with a very high compression of 13:1.

MP4-30: The MP4-30 is another Formula 1 car Honda is working on in collaboration with McLaren. The RA615H hybrid engine uses forced induction in the form of turbocharging and focuses on minimising wastage, whether it is in the from heat produced or through kinetic losses. The engine has displacement of 1.6-litre and the cylinders are arranged in 90° V6 layout driving the rear wheels. Because of the efficient management of energy, that'd otherwise be wasted, the engine is able to run at an insanely high 15,000 RPM. Using the energy regeneration, the car is able to create as much as 1.1 kWh of energy per lap, which is stored in the batteries placed in the front of the car but the regulations only allow usage of half of regenerated energy.

[caption id="attachment_91414" align="alignnone" width="1024"]McLaren Honda MP4-30 McLaren Honda MP4-30[/caption]

High usage of exotic materials, such as, carbon fibre, has allowed the engineers to achieve an impressive track weight of 702 kg with the driver seated in cockpit.

The car has seen 19 races so far and drivers like Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have already taken control of the MP4-30, but it hasn't tasted victory yet.

ASIMO: When it comes to robotics, Honda is at the forefront and always ready with something to show - ASIMO (read as aashimo) robot will be there on display at the company's display at the Auto Expo. Honda calls it the world's most advanced humanoid robot. Honda has previously shown ASIMO's dancing skills at the Disneyland and it has also proved its skills at conducting an orchestra. The robot has also participated in a British quiz show called QI (Quite Interesting) and accumulated 32 points, part of which were awarded for serving water to the host Stephan Fry and dancing with Jo Brand.

[caption id="attachment_91415" align="alignnone" width="319"]ASIMO Robot ASIMO Robot[/caption]

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