Honda CR-V face-lift to get predictive cruise control

  • Jan 09, 2015
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Honda will be launching a face-lifted version of its CR-V in international markets in 2015. It has now come to light that along with the typical range of changes to a face-lift, Honda will introduce a new predictive cruise control on the CR-V. Dubbed as Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC), this new cruise control is designed to predict if a vehicle ahead is going to pull in to the lane of a CR-V.

The new Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control system uses a camera and a radar to get the presence of other vehicles ahead on the road. The system then uses an algorithm to analyze if a vehicle is going to cut the CR-V off. While traditional cruise control systems take longer to detect the sudden presence of a vehicle ahead of it, the new i-ACC system will begin braking the CR-V in such a situation up to five seconds quicker.


This means gradual braking instead of harder braking from regular cruise control systems. Thereby considerably reducing the risk of inducing panic in the driver as well as preventing pileups. The system displays an icon in the instrument binnacle while applying the brakes gently to let the driver know the cause of the vehicle slowing down. The intensity of braking then goes up as required to avoid contact with the vehicle in front.

The fact that gradual braking is used initially is going to give drivers in vehicles behind the CR-V enough time to prepare for the slow down in speed, as a result they will be better equipped to deal with the situation.

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