Diwali discount and offers on Petrol Nissan Micra - now from Rs 3.6 lakh only

Published On October 20, 2011 By at Gaadi
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Nissan has been pushing the sales of the Micra very aggresively and now for the festive season, the company is giving heavy discount on the petrol Micra model. With the discount and scheme in place, the entry level price of the petrol Micra comes down to just Rs 3.67 lakh!

With these discounts, here is the ex-showroom cost of various Micra models
1. Micra XE price after discount, offer, schemes- Rs 3.67 lakh
2. Micra XL price after discount, offer, schemes - Rs 4.22 lakh
3. Micra XV price after discount, offer, schemes - Rs 4.88 lakh

Please note all prices are ex-showroom and for the petrol Micra only.