Datsun redi-GO Feature List Updated

  • Mar 22, 2019

Datsun has added new features to its cutesy hatchback, redi-GO. While the A variant gets power steering, the higher T, T(O) and S variants get central locking and remote key. The most noticeable one is the inclusion of ABS, which is standard across the range. However, the automaker hasn’t made driver airbag a standard feature yet. It comes only with the top-spec S variant. We expect the automaker to make it a standard offering soon.

While the price for the base variant has gone up by Rs 7,000 due to ABS inclusion, the prices for T, T(O), and S variants are same as before despite new features (Remote key and central locking). The T(O) 1.0-litre Limited Edition, on the other hand, is now Rs 14,000 cheaper than before, whereas, the T(O) 0.8-litre- Limited Edition gets a price cut of Rs 16,000. Not sure about the reason for the cut as the official website still shows the same set of features.

Some other notable safety features of the redi-GO are the three-point seat belt for front and rear passengers, a two-point unit for the passenger seated in the centre and the rear child safety door locks starting from the A variant. Additionally, there is a high-mounted stop light that’s available across the range.

In the present-day entry-level hatchback segment, only rival to redi-GO that comes with ABS is the Renault Kwid. Both the models of the Maruti Alto, the 0.8-litre and 1.0-litre versions, do not feature ABS. The driver airbag is, however, available as an option with both the Maruti Suzuki hatchbacks.

The Datsun redi-GO retails in the price bracket of Rs 2.68 lakh and Rs 4.29 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Following is the revised price list for different redi-GO variants.

Variant Prices (ex-showroom Delhi)
D Rs 2.68 lakh (+ Rs 7,000)
A Rs 3.21 lakh (- Rs 3,000)
T Rs 3.52 lakh (unchanged)
T(O) 0.8-litre Rs 3.59 lakh (unchanged)
T(O) 0.8-litre- Limited Edition Rs 3.58 lakh (- Rs 16,000)
S-0.8-litre Rs 3.75 lakh (unchanged)
T(O)-1.0-litre Rs 3.90 lakh (unchanged)
T(O) 1.0-litre Limited Edition Rs 3.85 lakh (- Rs 14,000)
S-1.0-litre Rs 4 lakh (unchanged)
T(O) 1.0L AMT Rs 4.19 lakh (- Rs 3,000)
S 1.0-litre AMT Rs 4.29 lakh (- Rs 3,000)

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