Connected Cars: Understand The Concept

  • Oct 17, 2019

Connected cars and intelligent cars are all the rage today. Just like our smartphones, our cars are also becoming smarter with the passage of each day. Since the connected cars are connected to the internet, these are a part of what is called "internet of things", where various electronics and other machines are connected to the internet and each other to provide the users with enhanced comfort and convenience.

Furthermore, connected cars can not only be remotely controlled via a smartphone app but are also capable of communicating with other vehicles and machines. Since connected cars can also send emergency messages when needed, these are of great help in the time of need. Let's know more about connected cars and their capabilities.

How would you define a connected car?

Well, a connected car is simply an automobile that is connected to the internet. Moreover, these cars are connected to the internet via a wireless local area network (WLAN) and capable of exchanging information with other devices that are also connected either to the internet or the car itself. In 1996, OnStar was brought out by General Motors Working in conjunction with Motorola Automotive. OnStar was able to connect voice calls to a call centre and emergency responders were then contacted in the situation of an accident. Following the OnStar’s success, features like GPS location, remote diagnostics, turn-by-turn directions, network access device, and vehicle health reports also made way to the connected cars. The Audi A3 became the first car to come equipped with 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspots access in 2014.

What are the capabilities of a connected car?

Similar to any modern-day intelligent or smart device, connected cars are full of features and make our lives easy. To begin with, connected cars communicate with the driver and the passengers inside of it via a head-unit or an infotainment system. Connected cars can guide you to your destination using GPS, and also keep you updated with the real-time traffic and real-time weather. Moreover, you can run your smartphone applications on the infotainment system of your connected car with the help of Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Mirror Link, and other similar software. Coming on to diagnostics, connected cars are capable of sharing automobile diagnostics, vehicle health reports, and predictive prognosis as well. As we mentioned before, connected cars now feature 4G LTE services and can offer the passengers inside wi-fi hotspots as well.

Another futuristic feature comes in the form of remote control, where you can send commands to your car using your smartphone. Various connected cars come with remote connectivity these days and allow users to operate A/C, door locks, remote start, and other features remotely using their smartphones. One of the most important benefits of connected cars is safety. Not only the new-gen connected cars provide users with traffic, safety, and collision warnings but also help in calling for road-side assistance by contacting concerned authorities and rescue workers when needed.

What does the future hold for connected cars?

To be honest, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of connected cars yet. With the evolution of tech, connected cars will be able to do a lot more than what they are capable of today. More and more automakers are working on their self-driving or shall we say autonomous cars. We have already seen a few examples of self-driven Tesla cars. Connected and autonomous cars make use of cameras, lasers, and radars to form a 3D map of the surroundings which include the road, vehicles, and other objects around it. Moving on, connected cars will soon be able to communicate with the cars around them and share information regarding one another's next turn, stops, and much more. There are already a few semi-autonomous cars out there in the market that sport safety features like automatic braking system, adaptive cruise control, cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping assistance, blindspot monitoring, pre-collision alert, and many others. As a whole, the future of connected cars looks nothing but salivating.


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