Chevrolet Plans End Of Sales Operations In India

  • May 18, 2017
Talegaon manufacturing facility will continue to manufacture cars for exports

Chevrolet Beat 2017
Chevrolet Beat 2017 - Was planned for a launch in India

General Motors has announced that the company will end all sales operations in India by the end of 2017. It means that Chevrolet cars will no longer be on sale in India from January 2018. The move is expected to come as a shocker for many as until very recently; GM had plans to launch the updated Beat hatchback in India called the Intelli Beat.

How does it affect the existing car buyers?

Chevrolet will continue to offer after-sales support to the existing car owners. The company also maintains that it will honour all warranties to the existing customers and will have a customer support centre. Customers can take note of the support centre number 1-800-3000-8080. They can also email at

Used car prices will, however, take a hit. While there's already a dearth of buyers for used Chevy cars, with the planned sales halt, the already low asking prices for used cars will now hit rock-bottom.

Is it worth buying a new/used Chevrolet now?

Yes, and no. It all boils down to the deal you get and the extent to which you can go without manufacturer support if something happens to your car in future. While GM says that it will continue aftersales support for existing owners, expect turnaround times to be higher than usual. For used Chevrolet cars, arranging spare parts will always remain an issue now.

GM recently shut its Halol manufacturing facility to consolidate production. The carmaker will continue to manufacture cars in its Talegaon assembly plant for exports to Mexico and Central and South American markets. They have already launched the new Beat there and the Beat-based sedan, the Essentia, will also be manufactured in Talegaon for exports to the said markets.
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