Car Modifications - Weight Reduction

  • May 20, 2019

This month, we are going to be talking about reduction rather than adding something to your car. While performance parts might better your car’s 0-100kmph times, it is often the excess weight of your vehicle that can bog it down. If you are looking to tune your car, take a good look at it and see if you can remove any excess weight.


Easy stuff


Weight reduction can be an elaborate and complex process. However, there are quite a few things which you can remove from your car that won’t cost you a dime. For starters, the spare tyre. If you live in an area where puncture shops are by the dozen, you can do away with your spare tyre. Another easy but hard to sacrifice element you can strip from your car is the music system. If you have a standard manufacturer setup, you might be able to shave a couple of kilos by removing the speakers and the head unit. However, if you have an amplifier, woofer and the lot, you can remove quite a bit from your car. Leave the connectors in place so you can put it back in anytime you want.


Taking away practicality


Removing excess seats can save you quite a bit of weight. Take out the rear seat and the front passenger seat if you want to maximise your output. Windows can also be replaced by lighter materials such as fiber sheets, but you won’t be able to roll them down anymore.


This is getting uncomfortable


If you want to save more weight, carmakers put in a lot of insulation to keep NVH levels inside the car low. You can remove this material from the firewall, floor and the boot. The dashboard can also be removed along with the air conditioning unit to really shave off the kilos.


Spend some money


If you are willing to shell out your hard earned money to reduce the weight of your car, the first place to invest is race seats. These will not only reduce weight, but also hold you in place better when you are driving around in a spirited manner. Additionally, you can replace the body panels with lighter weight material such as carbon fibre to really bring down the weight.


While weight reduction may sound easy, you have to be careful not to strip out the weight from one part of your car. This can significantly affect the handling of the car. Weight reduction should ideally be used to achieve a 50:50 weight split between the front and the rear to maximise the handling characteristics of a car.


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