Car Modifications – The Easy Stuff

  • Jan 26, 2019

With the very real possibility that all modifications in cars will be banned in India, it's time to look at modifications which will not put you on the wrong side of the law. These modifications give your a modicum of individuality without being on the target for officers of the law looking to make another quick buck at your expense.

Don't do it - This might sound like a cop-out, but why do it if the whole government system itself is going to work against you? Unless you have the time and money needed to go against the system, buy a well built car and enjoy your stress free life (relatively speaking, of course)

Steering Covers – Many would have chosen faux-leather covers, but that's old school. Try something made of fabric, they don't loose grip over time. If you want something fancy, there's always racecar-like Alcantara.

Trunk Liner – The boot is a neglected space in many cars, but you liven things by adding a contrast or crazy coloured bootmat. Not only are these functional in helping you keep the space clean, but also add a pleasing look even if you are just putting in or removing luggage.

Racing Pedals – The policeman is not going to notice if your pedals are not factory fitted, and some well built ones can even give your shoes/chappals/feet better grip. Slotted metal ones, or imitation ones are available in all shapes and sizes.

Aftermarket Audio – unless you crank it up too much, nobody's going to know the audio system in your car has the ability to bring down buildings. But what else are audio systems in cars good for? Well, you can listen to a song in high fidelity and listen to the lyrics properly or hear new instruments you never though existed.

Interior Lighting – Everything, from the dome lights on the roof, to the mood lighting in your car can be added/modded to give your car a different feel on the inside. With multi-colour LED strips you could create what S-Class love raving about and wonder what all the fuss was all about. Don't go overboard and put disco light domes though, the fuzz is watching and their wallets are salivating.


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