Car modifications - How to preserve the resale value of your car

  • Jul 04, 2019

There are many of us who like to preserve their newly bought cars in mint condition. This is not for the reason so that such people can enjoy their cars in the latter stages of its life, but rather to keep the resale value from depreciating too much. So much so that many children never truly get to see the actual colour of the seats in their family car. This time around, we are going to talk about small additions you can make to your car to preserve it in mint condition for the second buyer.


Seat Covers - This is the most basic of all. Seat covers allow your kids to eat in the car, put their muddy feet on the seat after football practice or barf on them when they get sick due to motion sickness. And if you have the right seat covers on, cleaning it all up just takes one swipe of a wet cloth. More than that, no harm comes to the original seats that came with the car.


Steering Cover - This might not be known by many but the steering wheel gets worn out due to all the continuous work it is put through in its life. Bits start to fade and discolouration may also happen. An easy alternative to preserving it is to buy a steering cover that can be installed easily.


Teflon coating on the body - Many showrooms offer this service and if not, you can visit an aftermarket service. There are tons out there, but do get recommendations as the quality of the job is not equally good out there. A teflon coating will not only preserve the sheen of the paint; it also save the paint job from minor scratches.


Underbody protection - If you live in an area where the potholes are huge and you have a low-slung sedan, make this a priority. Underbody protection will save the underbelly of your car not only from direct impacts but will also delay rusting.


Bumper guards - Those small rubber pads on the corner of bumpers are something sent from heaven, if you stay in an area like Chandni Chowk in New Delhi. Spirited motorists who weave in and out of traffic getting very close to your bumpers might often clip them. These pads will take the brunt, keeping your bumpers nice and clean.


These are some modifications you can make to your car to preserve it over time. Also, having these on our car will help in keeping the resale value of your car.


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