Car Modifications - First Mods On a 10 Year Old Car

  • Aug 21, 2019

Ok, you have just bought yourself a 10-year-old car on a budget that you are probably looking to drive everyday, or maybe even turn into a racecar. So what are the modifications that you should be looking to do first?


Wheels and tyres: This is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a 10-year-old car. Let’s face it, that machine in front of you is a decade old so in all probability, the rubber on it will not be of great quality, and neither will the wheels. If you are looking to turn it into a daily driver, don’t splurge excessively on the rubber and wheels but if this is your project car, go all out. Wheels and tyres constitute the unsprung mass of a car so if it’s a project car, go for lightweight options. This will go miles in increasing the handling performance of your car. Also opt for sticky rubber instead of hard compound tyres. The latter last longer but is able to generate less cornering grip.


Air filter: That engine is 10 years old. Let it breathe. It’s probably lost a few ponies by now so it is a good idea to liberate those that are left. A better quality air filter will increase the amount of air the engine can receive, thus allowing it to burn more fuel.


Exhaust: The exhaust is another great way of liberating performance from a car’s engine. Find one which matches the characteristics of your engine, and more importantly, is music to your ears. Exhausts can be changed from the point where the catalytic converter is present or you can change the entire setup including the headers. The latter is a more expensive option.


Seats: You are making the car go fast so you need something that will keep you in your seats. Enter race seats. These keep you securely in your seats when driving at the limit. They also lower your seating position, providing a more sporty feel.


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