Car Modifications - Audio System

  • Jul 22, 2019

We have all been there. The thought of rolling down the street in one’s brand new car, blaring music from the top-notch audio system in your car. Music systems are one of the most popular modifications that any new car goes through. Thus, we are busting out the catalogue for you to figure out the kind of additions you can make to your car’s audio system.

Keep in mind, it is always better to go all-in on a music system for your car if you have bought a base variant. Most top-spec variants come with their own setup that is hardwired into the car. Removing it can be a task, which if not done right, can screw up your car’s electronics. However, a skilled technician will be able to help you replace it if you want.

Now, let’s move on to the components that make a great music system.

  1. Head unit: For any great music system, the primary requirement is a great head unit. In the old days we had 1-DIN and 2-DIN units. They are still sold today. However, the craze is all about touchscreens right now. While carmakers provide good touchscreens, the aftermarket allows you to choose one that fits your needs perfectly. There are many good options out there from reputed brands. Choose one that will support the specs of the system you have in mind.

  2. Speakers: Ok. This might seem redundant but good speakers immediately improve the quality of a system. Ideally, all new cars have spaces for speakers on the door pads. However, if four speakers are not enough for you, you can also place a couple on the parcel tray. If you want more speakers in the car, you will need to start carving out places which will eat into the practicality of the cabin. Ideally, go for a 4 to 6 speaker setup and if you want them to be loud. Alternatively, instead of adding more speakers, you can get a few with a higher wattage as well.

  3. Tweeters: These are tiny speakers that supplement the regular speakers in a car. Have you ever noticed a small cut out on the A-pillar of your car or on the corner of your dash? This is the reserved space for a tweeter. These tiny speakers add a dose of treble to the audio output. Regular speakers are generally bass-heavy and these tiny tweeters work to even out the difference.

  4. Subwoofer: If the regular bass from your speakers is not enough for you, you might want to plonk a subwoofer in your car. It will reproduce extra bass (low pitched audio frequencies). Subwoofers generally come in the shape of a box and eat up cargo space in the boot. Thus, think hard before putting one in your car.

  5. Bass tube: This is a cylindrical object, the sole purpose of which is to replicate low pitched audio frequencies. It works like a subwoofer, but at an all different level. Its huge and eats up massively into your boot space. Our advice, don’t go for this. It is just an add-on that is not even required more than 90 per cent of time. However, if you do go for a bass tube, make sure it is properly tuned.

  6. Amplifier: If you do end up putting in everything mentioned above in your car, chances are you will need an amplifier to run the system. An amplifier increases the signal and sends it to multiple output devices at once. It also helps in tuning the audio output.

These are modifications that can be made to one’s car to increase the quality and output of music. Make sure all the wiring is put in professionally as shoddy wiring can lead the entire system to just go kaput.


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