Car Modification: Making The Car Interior Plusher

  • Oct 17, 2019

We all love our brand-new car and want it to be as comfortable and plush as possible, don't we? But it is the high-end models or the premium cars that sport stuff like leather upholstery, soft-touch trim pieces, and other comfort and convenience features. And, not all of us can afford those cars. While we still end up paying quite a big sum for our brand-new four-wheel companion, all we get is fabric upholstery, hard plastic trim pieces, and seats with minimum to just okay-ish cushioning. Speaking more of the seats, although automakers have now started offering designer seat fabrics, the quality is just satisfactory on most of the occasions. So today, we bring all the tips tricks you need to know for modifying or upgrading the upholstery and some other stuff inside of your car for that premium, comfortable, and plusher experience.

Seat Covers

When discussing seat covers, we do not just include basic leather seat covers. Nowadays, various aftermarket suppliers and custom shops are offering high-quality PU leather and even leather seat covers with extra cushioning for that enhanced comfort. All these aftermarket seat covers can be availed in several color combinations, and even with extra layers of foam for better comfort. Hence, even if your car sports basic seats with just decent cushioning, you can get them wrapped with bucket-style seat covers made of PU leather or real leather. If your budget is on the lower end, you can go for thin PU leather seat covers only. On the other hand, in case you have a good amount of money to spend on comfort, premium Nappa leather seat covers with added cushioning will take the comfort level of the seats of your car to new heights.

Steering Cover

Similar to the seats, most of the budget cars and even mid-spec cars feature a naked steering wheel. Not only offers a poor grip but also increases the chances of early wear and tear of the steering wheel. To both protect the steering wheel and improve the grip, you can get the steering wheel of your car wrapped with PU leather or real leather steering cover. Steering cover can also be had in the color of your choice, different grip patterns, and leather quality. The more you spend, the better grip and quality you get.

Door Trims And Dashboard

The hard plastic used on the door trims and dashboard can be annoying after a period of time. Not only these hard plastics are prone to scratches but also don't feel premium to touch. While replacing these trims and the dashboard is not an option, you can certainly get them wrapped with PU leather or leather for a premium feel. Aftermarket custom shops offer an array of leather door trims and dashboard wraps, which render both protection to your original plastic trims and a soft to touch feel.

Floor Mats

Admit it or not, it is the floor of your car that undergoes the most amount of torture. Also, it is the very place that will face all the dust and other contaminants off your shoes. So, to protect the floor of your beloved car and also gives it a premium look, why not put some mats in? Different kinds of floor mats are available in the market like carpet mats, rubber mats, 3D mats, 5D mats, and even 7D mats. Heck, there are even full flooring options available where the floor of your car is first covered with a single piece of rubber, silicon, or PU leather before putting stylish mats on top.

Gear knob, Pedals, And Handbrake Lever

Want to give your powertrain controls a premium and sophisticated feel? Head out to the market and get your car an aftermarket gear knob, handbrake lever, and paddle covers. Similar to the steering cover, these accessories not only protect your stock fitments but also enhance the grip and appearance of the aforementioned controls.

That is it for this story then. We hope you got an idea regarding how to go about giving the upholstery and other interior trim pieces a premium and sophisticated treatment. Stay tuned for more such informative articles on various modifications that you can perform on your car.


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