Car Care | After The Rains

  • Sep 08, 2017

The monsoon rains this year have been erratic, many parts of the country saw more than the usual amount of rain while the rest saw less. Those who did experience the rain this time have a long drawn out dry period to look out for, here are things you should check/do to keep your car running in top condition after the rainy season.

Give the car a new coating of wax and polish


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Rainfall is not pure water, it is increasingly becoming polluted. Depending on where you live, rainfall can affect the protective layer of paint on your car. If you do have the resources make sure you clean your car with soft water, a good car-specific shampoo (or waterless wash liquid) and give it a new coat of wax. Using soft water helps clean the car without leaving residues, a good shampoo will help remove the muck and dirt picked during the monsoon and the wax will lock in the protective layer of paint for a longer period.

Inspect and clean A/C system

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One of the easiest places for germs to accumulate in the rainy season is your A/C system. The cool and damp pipes of the A/C are often breeding grounds for dangerous germs which can be harmful to you health. A preventive measure is to regularly use the warmest setting in the A/C or climate control to slow down germ build up. There are many germ killing A/C cleaning fluids available in the market for DIY enthusiasts.

Change the wiper blades

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The rainy season gives the windshield wipers in our cars a real workout. Dealing with the water, the dirt (thrown up by vehicles in front) and other particles make them weak. As the climate heats up after the rains, the wiper blades lose their flexibility too and can lead to scratches on the glass. While there are products which claim to extend the life or 'refresh' rubber parts on our cars, including the wiper blades, it is best to get a new set of wipers for a scratch free drive.

Check for leaks

Rain Car Care - 7

Driving through water and puddles can loosen the many rubber seals around the car. Debris in the water can also punch holes in places you did not expect. Get the car thoroughly checked for any leaks and get them fixed for a carefree drive.

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