BMW India to recall 5-Series and 6-Series cars to resolve battery cable cover issue

Published On March 28, 2012 By at Gaadi

BMW India will announce a recall of its popular 5-Series sedan and the 6-Series coupe/cabriolet. The news of a global recall had already hit headlines yesterday until when no one was exactly sure as to whether the recall will affect Indian customers. However, BMW dealerships across India will soon start informing customers regarding the same. You shouldn’t be worried if you own the latest F10 BMW 5-Series, since the previous generation of the executive saloon is the one that is facing this issue.

Cars manufactured between 2003 and 2010 will be recalled. Thus, the previous generation of the 6-Series coupe/ convertible is the one that will have to be dropped at the nearest BMW dealership. The major concern for owners should be that the improperly installed battery covers might result in the car failing to start or in the worst case, might also result in a fire. That said, no such untoward incident has been recorded as of yet, this according to BMW sources.

Now, BMW is known for its impeccable and unmatched quality. According to BMW, the battery cable cover inside the boot may be incorrectly mounted which might lead to further problems. Lastly, BMW will soon be informing those customers whose cars will be picked up for the repair job which is said to take around 30 minutes. Also, customers will not be charged even a penny for the job, as is the case with all recalls.