Audi S4 might see an Indian launch today

Published On May 03, 2012 By at Gaadi

The new A4 is all set be launched in a few hours and believe us, there is much more that will happen at the new A4 launch than expected. Audi is keeping a little secret close to their heart and the automotive fraternity in might get to see the launch of high performance variant of A4 today.

Audi S4 to be launched today
Audi S4 might see an Indian launch today.

Surprised? Shocked? Well, don’t be. Audi has been planning to bring the fuel burning version of A4, which we know as S4 to India since a long time and today might be the day when the German premium carmaker officially launches the S4 in India. Built on latest generation of A4, the S4 features sporty body kits, suspensions and engine and everything else. The S4 is lower by 20 millimeters than A4, runs on 18-inch wheels with low profile rubbers which make the four door saloon much sportier and aggressive while keeping the saloon DNAs of the car alive.

Audi S4 India
Audi S4

The S4 is powered by a 3.0 liter V6 TSFI motor unit which generates unreal power of 336 bhp and 440 Nm of torque. Transferring the huge power to the wheels is a seven sped S-Tronic gearbox which can take to car to three digits of speed from standstill in 5.0 seconds flat! With this performance, the vehicle gulps only 8.1 liter of fuel per 100km. India might see the S4 with little changes to suit the Indian conditions but we believe, Audi wouldn’t like to change much to this brilliant piece of engineering. Stay tuned, we will bring more from the launch to keep you updated and excited!