Audi Q5 Business edition - spoiling BMW X3's party?

Published On August 27, 2011 By at Gaadi

Representational picture used of the Q5. The Business Edition looks a little different

A couple of days before BMW announched the new version of the X3 for the Indian market, Audi let out a press release announcing the new Business Edition Q5 for the Indian market at a very competitive price. The catch is that the vehicle will only go on sale in from October onwards but carries a mouth watering price tag of Rs 35.13 lakh (ex-showroom, Maharasthra). This price is very good considering that BMW went onto put the X3 into commercial sale from Rs 41.2 lakh onwards (ex-showroom, all India) which makes it more than Rs 6 lakh expensive as compared to the Audi offering. However, the X3 has more features but will buyers go for it and not consider the 15% expensive price tag? Your guess as is good as ours!

Coming back to the Audi Q5 Business Edition - it comes with a 2.0 TDi engine mated to a 7-speed S-tronic transmission. The Q5 also has 17” alloy wheels, Xenon plus headlights including LED daytime running lights, leather / leatherette interiors with wood inlays, and a multifunctional 4-spoke leather steering wheel. Enhancing the driving experience are the Audi Media Interface with Concert Radio, a storage package, and the rear parking aid among other features. At this price, the Q5 offers its customers comfort, class, style and a vehicle that has good road presence as well. We at Gaadi think that at Rs 35 lakh, this Q5 B.E is tempting enough!