Audi India aiming for no.1 spot by 2014!

Published On May 07, 2012 By at Gaadi


With all guns blazing, Audi India all set to take over the top spot among all luxury car makers in the country. The German car maker has its eyes set on the no.1 spot after pipping Mercedes-Benz.  They were actually hoping to get to the no.2 by the end of 2012, however things seem to have played in favor of the VW Group company which helped them get ahead of Mercedes-Benz well before intended.

Now, Audi is aiming to get ahead of BMW as well, but that could only be possible in the next couple of years time. It would also depend on  other factors including market health. Audi is planning to be the no.1 in the world as well as in India by 2015. Meanwhile, the car maker has seen a increase in demand for their products. The introduction of new products would also help the car maker increase its footprint in the Indian market.

Audi recently launched the updated A4 sedan even as the launch of the new Audi Q3 impends. The Audi Q3 is supposed to take on the BMW X1 which has been currently enjoying a free-ride for a while. Now, it will be interesting to see what the Indian buyer prefers- Audi or BMW.