A low-down on the future of Fiat minus Tata Motors

Published On May 21, 2012 By at Gaadi

As it turns out, Fiat India and Tata Motors' marriage did not turn out to a happy one after all. Fiat finally split up with their local partners as the tie-up did not result in any significant rise in the sales of their cars. In fact, both the manufacturer's cars were being sold under the same roof, conflict of interest was bound to happen. Now, that Fiat-Tata Motors have split, the Italian car maker plans to expand further to increase their footprint in the Indian market.

Of course, some would say that Fiat would have been better off going solo than collaborating with Tata Motors in the first place. However,  lessons seem to have been learnt and Fiat would kick-off part two of their campaign by launching new dealerships across major towns and cities across India. Fiat also hopes to increase their market share by 1-1.5 percent in the next 36 months from the current 0.7 percent. Fiat is prepping up its after sales-service network as part of their expansion strategy.

The car maker will open 100 exclusive service centers across 35 cities in the next 12-18 months. With the new dealerships and Fiat Caffes, the car maker hopes to double their market share in the following years. Few days back, they launched a brand new Fiat Caffe in Koregaon Park, Pune. The opening ceremony was followed by the launch of the new Punto Sport priced at Rs 7.36 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Fiat is also mulling the entry of Jeep (part of Fiat-Chrysler) into India.

The Fiat Viaggio is also rumored to be a product that might make its way into the Indian market. That said, Fiat certainly seems to playing their cards right this time around and we expect the car maker to fulfill its ambitions in the times to come.