2014 Vespa Primavera-Italian Scooter For The Indian Masses?

Published On November 15, 2013 By at Gaadi

Piaggio Vespa Scooters are very popular and Piaggio has been successful in breathing new life into the brand once again in India. With the Vespa model available in two variants as part of its India line-up, Piaggio has been catering to the masses with its Italian offerings. The Vespa has been dubbed as an iconic scooter that carries forth the legacy of an era gone by in the modern world today. It was honoured recently for being one of the 12 most iconic industrial designs in the last 100 years on a survey conducted by CNN.

Vepsa Primavera is the latest scooter from Piaggio that was showcased in the EICMA-Milan bike show and is expected to replace the Vespa LX model. The Vespa LX has been around since 2006 however in India it was only introduced in 2012. The new Primavera has a Vespa 946 inspired styling, especially if you look at it from the rear quarters.

The front suspension has received minor tweaks but the scooter’s uni-body structure has been modified to make it more rigid. The 2014 Primavera has longer wheelbase and length along with 11 inch, 5 spoke alloy wheels that improve stability and rider-pillion comfort.

The engine options being offered internationally ranges from 125cc 11 Bhp four-stroke engine and 150cc 13 Bhp four-stroke motor. It will also have a 50cc engine available in two-stroke and four-stroke and all these three engine variants will be air cooled. The larger capacity engines will feature a three-valve induction to ensure highly efficient thermodynamics.

These engines are expected to be built at the Piaggio factory in India and will ensure moderate compression to ensure knocking-free ride when using low-octane petrol. It also comes with 140mm drum brakes for excellent stopping power. With a weight of around 120 kgs it is expected to deliver around 50 kmpl.

Piaggio is said to be working on high performance and fuel efficient engines with high engine compression ratio. The three-value thermodynamics is proving to be very efficient and is taking the development of the engines forward. As far as India is concerned, the new Vespa Primavera might make it to India in the near future.


Can Vespa Primavera be that Italian scooter for the Indian Masses? This is certainly achievable, we think. Style, comfort and fuel efficiency will go hand in hand but in a country which is also price conscious I am left to wonder what the pricing for this new Vespa might be when it is launched here. Nevertheless, we hope that it comes, a scooter such as this with its beauty, elegance and performance combined would find many buyers and of course despite the poor automobile sales this year, the scooter and two-wheeler market is on a roll!

2014-Vespa-Primavera-125-3-4-rear (1)

Piaggio Vespa Drum has an ex-showroom price of around ₹68,000 and Vespa VX has a price of ₹72,000. The new Primavera might be priced around the ₹70,000-75,000 range along with the Vespa 946 which is also expected to be launched in India sometime in 2014.

Watch the tastefully made 2014 Vespa Primavera video:

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